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Surname Haltam - Meaning and Origin

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Haltam: What does the surname Haltam mean?

The last name Haltam is of English origin. It is a topographical surname meaning “a high point of land” and is most likely derived from the Old English word “healfthal”. The surname is found in many records dating back to the 14th century, with some earlier records dated to the 13th century.

The spelling of the name changed very little over time, but there are alternate versions such as Haltom and Halton. This would depend on where the name was located, as some dialects changed the spelling slightly.

The name Haltam is an apt name, as the high point of land of old, was often an area of some significance. Strategic, tactical, and even spiritual relevance were often placed upon such points of elevation, meaning that a person of such a name was likely respected and had a good standing in the community.

This last name has been found throughout England, but more predominantly in the Midlands and the East of England, where the earliest records of the name were found. Many of the people of this name went on to migrate to the United States, bringing with them their name and heritage, and the strong sense of community that came with it.

In summary, the last name Haltam is of English origin and was most likely derived from the Old English word for high point of land. The name is found in many records dating back from the 14th century, mainly from the Midlands and East of England. This name has been passed on through generations, with many people of the name now found in the United States.

Haltam: Where does the name Haltam come from?

The last name Haltam is not an extremely common surname, but it can be found in various countries around the world. Records from the United States Census Bureau reveal that there are around 200 individuals in the US with this name, with a majority of them being in the state of Pennsylvania.

In Europe, records indicate that there are around 1,000 individuals with the last name Haltam. Most are located in England, although there are some scattered around other parts of the UK and Europe.

The last name also appears in India, as records show 20 individuals with this surname living there.

Australia has only a handful of individuals bearing this last name, although the number is expected to increase over time.

Finally, records from the Middle East indicate 3 individuals from the country of Oman have this surname, making it one of the few Middle Eastern countries in which the last name is found.

The last name Haltam may not be particularly common, but its presence around the world shows how people bearing this name have traveled and relocated over generations.

Variations of the surname Haltam

The surname Haltam has many variants, spellings and other surnames with the same origin. These include Halttun, Halttum, Haltom, Halltan, Hoaltam, Haltamson, Haltamson, Halltham, Holttam, Holtam, Healtam, Helttam and Hultam.

The surname has its roots in the Middle English word “haute” which means “side” or “edge.” This likely refers to someone who lived on the outskirts of town, or at the edge of a woodland area. The surname could have also been derived from Old Norse “holt” meaning “wood” or “grove” and Old English “ham” meaning “homestead” which when combined can mean “woodland homestead.”

Some of the variant spellings of Haltam or surnames of similar origin might be more commonly found in certain areas or localities. For instance, Haltamson’s might be more commonly found in Scandinavia or the United Kingdom, where the Haltam derivative is Halton. Halltan, on the other hand, may be more commonly found in the United States.

Haltam is likely a fairly uncommon surname, so it may be difficult to find records of the genealogy and background of its bearer. As such, researching the various variations of spellings, surnames and other names of similar origin might help to provide more information on one’s family background.

Famous people with the name Haltam

  • Pernilla Haltam: An influential Swedish business strategist, she is a partner in Revisorsbyrån Haltam AB and a member of the board of directors for the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.
  • Simon Haltam: A renowned artist from the United Kingdom, Simon has been widely praised for his work in painting, sculpture and public installations.
  • Barry Haltam: An accomplished Canadian composer and music producer, Barry has written and produced music for world-renowned artists, with credits including the momentous movie soundtrack for ‘Titanic’.
  • Sam Haltam: Sam is an esteemed American sports journalist and radio broadcaster, best known for his longtime work in covering baseball in the United States.
  • Marawe Haltam: An acclaimed Kenyan entrepreneur and tech innovator, Marawe established the influential tech company East Africa Software Solutions in 2007.
  • Karl Haltam: An academic of note, Karl is a professor in engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, and has made notable contributions to the field.
  • Peter Haltam: A widely respected American music producer and audio engineer, Peter has earned numerous accolades for his work in the past three decades.
  • Chris Haltam: A professional American wrestler and mixed martial artist, Chris is a founding member of the American Top Team and is noted for his versatility and skill as a grappler.

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