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Surname Hanak - Meaning and Origin

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Hanak: What does the surname Hanak mean?

The last name Hanak is derived from the Czech “hanák,” which literally translates to “button maker.” It is likely that individuals with the last name Hanak had ancestors of the same name who were button makers in the region of Czechoslovakia.

The Hanak family can trace its roots back to the Middle Ages, when the first recorded usage of the last name appeared in 1240. Historically, many of the family members lived in the region of Moravia, around the city of Brno. Additionally, some members of the Hanak family even lived in nearby Slovakia.

The Hanak name is still prevalent among Central and Eastern European countries today, where many descendants of the original Hanak family still reside. Interestingly, many Eastern European countries would find this last name derived from Czech to be somewhat exotic and rare.

Therefore, the last name Hanak can be traced back to its origin of button makers, and remains still today to be an interesting and unique name that still resonates throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

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Hanak: Where does the name Hanak come from?

The last name Hanak is a fairly common Austrian surname, particularly in areas such as southern Styria, Burgenland, and eastern Lower Austria. It has also been recorded in regions of Germany, such as Bavaria, and Czech Republic. In France there is also a small population of people with the surname Hanak, located in the Moselle region.

In the United States, the Hanak surname is predominantly found in states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York. A large population of Hanaks resides in the state of Pennsylvania, many of whom are descendants of Georgius Hanak, who immigrated from Mürzzuschlag in Styria, Austria in 1873.

A higher concentration of Hanaks can be found in The Netherlands. Bear in mind, however, that the last name may have been altered due to Dutch pronunciation or usage.

The name is also quite popular in parts of South America, particular Brazil, where it is used as a first name rather than a surname.

In conclusion, the Hanak surname is most prominently found in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, the United States, France, The Netherlands, and Brazil.

Variations of the surname Hanak

The surname Hanak has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Some of the most common include Hanaek, Hanaek, Hanek, Haneck, Hanic, Hanick, Hanik, Hanka, Hanke, Hanks, Chanak, Chanaek, Chaneck, Chanic, Chanick, Hanicka, Hanike, Hanika, Hanikka, Hanyk, Hanakk, Hanok, Honen, and Honnik.

The origins of the surname Hanak can be traced back to a variety of places in Europe. It is believed to have come from Czech, Ukrainian, and possibly Slovak origins. It is also believed that other variants may be derived from older languages, such as the Old Czech/Old Bohemian language.

Several variants of the surname Hanak come from different countries. For example, Hanek originated in Germany, Haneck in Hungary, and Hanik in Lithuania. In the United States, some variants include Hanke, Hanic, and Honen.

The meaning of the surname Hanak is typically associated with either “gifted” or “God-sent.” This is reflective of its early roots in Czech, Ukrainian, and Slovak regions, where it has been used for centuries.

No matter how it is spelled, the surname Hanak indicates a long history of being connected to a diverse array of countries and languages. Its means of origination make it an interesting and unique surname, as it can be seen as a testament to a person’s global and cultural ties.

Famous people with the name Hanak

  • Paul Hanak: Founder of, an integrated development environment for software engineers.
  • Craig Hanak: Acclaimed comedic magician recognized for performances on major television shows including ABC’s "Good Morning America” and the TBS “Lopez Tonight”.
  • Lily Hanak: Award-winning gymnast, competing in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Thom Hanak: Professional bodybuilder appearing in numerous international contests.
  • Carolee Schneemann Hanak: Avant-garde visual artist whose work spans installation art, sculpture and performance.
  • Kalyn Ponga Hanak: Multiple award-winning New Zealand rugby league player.
  • Lori Lange Hanak: Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter.
  • Lari Hanak: Former Major League Baseball player who won the World Series with the Houston Astros in 2005.
  • Kjell Hanak: International speed skater and winner of two gold medals in the 2000 Winter Olympics.
  • Anna Hanak: Oscar-nominated actress known for her roles in films such as Butterflies, The Fisher King and No Mercy.

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