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Surname Hanby - Meaning and Origin

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Hanby: What does the surname Hanby mean?

The last name Hanby is of Old English origin and is a locational surname. It is derived from the place-name Handby which can be found in Leicestershire and Lincolnshire. There are several theories as to the meaning of this Old English place-name. It is suggested that one interpretation could be 'Honda's farm/settlement', derived from Old English 'honda' meaning corner. Alternatively, the name could refer to a farm/settlement along a road or path, derived from Old English 'haeg' meaning road.

The first record of the Hanby surname is documented in the year 1220 in the Lincolnshire Assize Rolls. During the 14th century, Hanby families could be found primarily in Lincolnshire. By the 16th century, variants of the name, including Hannaby and Hannabye were in use, and the name had spread to the nearby Midlands counties.

The Hanby surname is still widespread in the United Kingdom today and is also found throughout Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States and elsewhere.

In general, the meaning associated with the Hanby name is that of a family of settlers, suggesting that its bearers have both a strong sense of home and of place.

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Hanby: Where does the name Hanby come from?

The last name Hanby is common in both the United States and Ireland. It originated in Lancashire, England and is thought to have been derived from De Hanby, who was connected to a location called Hanby-on-the-Roe.

In the United States, the family name is mainly found in the Midwest and Southern states, particularly Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Kentucky, where the earliest Hanbys to arrive in the U.S. settled during the early 19th century. In Ireland, the family can be traced back to the Protestant Huguenot named Abraham Hanby, who arrived in Dublin in 1662.

The Hanby surname is relatively rare, with approximately 1,000 Hanby's living in the US and Ireland today. Even though there are few people with this name, they have made a significant cultural impact in their respective countries. In the US, Hanby is associated with the songwriter Benjamin F. Hanby, who wrote songs like “Up on the Housetop” and “Goodbye, My Lover, Goodbye.” In Ireland, the Hanby name is still associated with high-ranking officials and is reported to still be found in Dublin public offices.

Variations of the surname Hanby

The surname Hanby is a patronymic name originating from the given name Han. It can be spelled as Hanby, Hanbey, Hanbie, Hanbey, Hanbee, Hanby, Hanbi, Hanbye, Hanby or Hanbye.

Variant spellings include Hannby, Hannbey, Hannbie, Hannbey, Hannbee, Hannby, Hannbi, Hannbye, Hannby and Hannbye.

Surnames of the same origin can include Handby, Handbey, Handbi, Handbye, Handby and Handbye as well as Hanbry and Hanbrye.

Other derivative surnames include Hanbyer, Hanbaker, Hanbanker, Hanbarger, Hanbatcher, Hanbauer and Hanbower.

When the 'b' is replaced with a 'p' in the surname, the surname becomes Pannby, Pannbey, Pannby, Pannbi, Pannbye, Pannby and Pannbye.

The name Hanby can be found in various countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Australia. It was also common in Germany in around 1500-1800, according to surname distribution maps.

Historically, the surname Hanby was typically found within the nobility or clergy. However, it is now more commonly associated with those who lived by the shores of a lake or river, people employed in the timber industry and people working in the production of fruit or vegetables.

Famous people with the name Hanby

  • Ben Hanby: Singer/songwriter best known for writing “Christmas Shoes”
  • Henry Hanby: A judge of the Common Pleas of the Netherlands
  • Elmer Hanby: US Navy SEAL and Medal of Honor recipient
  • James Hanby: English composer and conductor
  • Samuel Hanby: English inventor
  • William Hanby: English clergyman, schoolmaster, and reformer
  • Burt Hanby: Associate professor at the Charles Darwin University
  • Patricia Hanby: American actress
  • Corinne Hanby: Author and biographer
  • Piers Hanby: British television and theatre producer

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