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Surname Hancer - Meaning and Origin

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Hancer: What does the surname Hancer mean?

The last name Hancer is derived from a French nickname for an individual of German ethnicity or someone of a Germanic origin. It is thought that the name comes from the Germanic word "Hans", meaning "man" or "courageous one". The suffix "-er" is added to create the surnamo "Hancer". This is a common alteration of the origin name to make it more identifiable and specific to an individual.

Because of the surname's origin, it is believed that those with the last name Hancer are of Germanic descent, though this is not necessarily the case. While the name Hancer may be found in various historical records, it could have been passed down through the generations or adopted by other families in other countries.

For those with this last name, there is the possibility that it was given as an adaptation from a previous name. It could also have been given to an immigrant family upon entry to a new homeland as a way to help identification.

The surname indicates that those with it were of Germanic origin, but could have changed throughout the years. Regardless, it is likely that those with the surname have a story behind the name and have a unique origin.

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Hancer: Where does the name Hancer come from?

The last name Hancer is most common in the United Kingdom and Ireland today. According to's census records, there are currently over 250 people with the surname Hancer in the U.K. In Ireland, there are an estimated 100 people with this last name, making it more uncommon than in Britain.

The earliest record of the Hancer name dates back to the 14th century in England and Ireland. During the time of the 1600s, the surname spread further throughout Ireland and England, possibly owing to immigration, trade, and conquest. While Britain was under the rule of James I, the name Hancer began appearing in more records across the region, likely referring to those who were given land during this period.

In the U.S., the surname Hancer is most commonly found in California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. This likely reflects the fact that many families with this surname migrated to these states at some point in the last century.

In recent years, the surname Hancer has spread further into other parts of the world, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Europe. It has also been adopted by people of varying backgrounds who adopted this name as their own, thus further increasing its distribution worldwide.

Variations of the surname Hancer

The surname Hancer is of French origin and can be found in many different variants, spellings and surnames which are variants of the same origin. These include Hanseur, Hancher, Hanseure, Hanser, Hancher, Hansure, Hancer, Hancesur, Hancesure, Handesur, Hanseur, Hanseure, Hancerie, Hansereau, Hanserolles, Hanseron, Hansery, Hanseres, Hanserot and Hanserot.

The most popular spellings of the name are Hancer and Hanseur, but the other variants have been known to be used in France.

Hancer is derived from the French word ‘Hance’, which is derived from the old German elements hans (road) and her (army). In other words, the surname is associated with those who lived near or patrolled roads.

The variants of the surname Hancer can be found in many places around the world today. It is possible to find people with the surname in Europe, United States, Canada, South America, and Australia. It has also been found in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

The variants can either be spelled differently or have the suffix of ‘-er’, ‘-eur’, or ‘-ieur’ added. In any case, the origin of the surname is the same and the variants of Hancer are derived from the same original French form.

Famous people with the name Hancer

  • Ayhan Hancer, Turkish professional football player.
  • Tevfik Hancer, Turkish spiritual and Sufi master and poet.
  • Asiye Hancer, Turkish television actress.
  • Brigitte Hancer, German long track speed skater.
  • Marc Hancer, a French-American dual citizen, CEO of Limos, Inc. and venture capital investor.
  • Chatime Hancer, Chinese-Taiwanese singer, actress and internet celebrity.
  • Latif Hancer, Turkish-American writer and academician.
  • Bill Hancer, American minor league baseball player.
  • Gregory Hancer, German award-winning documentary filmmaker and Emmy-winning film editor.
  • Amy Hancer, American actress and beauty pageant titleholder.

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