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Surname Hanckle - Meaning and Origin

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Hanckle: What does the surname Hanckle mean?

The last name Hanckle is of German origin. It is derived from the Middle High German word “hanckel,” meaning “knotted.” The name itself is derived from the German word “hank,” meaning “hook or bend.” It is thought that the name was first used by someone who lived in an area where he or she was skilled at knotting rope or twine, as depicted in the family crest.The Hanckle family crest is a black fox with gold embroidery, with a gold hook and bow beneath it. This is an indication of the family's skill in knotting and tying things, likely referring back to the origin of the name.

The Hanckle surname has gone through many spellings over the centuries, with variations including Hankel, Hankl, Honkela, and Hankuls. It has also had a variety of nicknames, such as “Hanky” or “Klinker”. Historically, individuals with this name were found in various parts of Germany, such as Bavaria, Thuringia, and Westphalia.

The Hanckle name has evolved over time, much like many other German surnames. But its origin as a name of skill and resourcefulness has been preserved. This name has a long history of representing a hardworking family with strong ties to their ancestral roots.

Hanckle: Where does the name Hanckle come from?

The last name Hanckle is a relatively uncommon surname today. This is most likely due to the fact that its origin is not clearly defined, giving different geographic areas only limited exposure to the name. It is believed to be of Germanic origins and is primarily associated with Europe, though it may be found sporadically in other parts of the world.

It appears that the name is concentrated mainly in the United Kingdom, with a scattering of Hanckles found in the United States and Canada, as well as Australia and other countries. In Great Britain, Hanckles are mostly found in the southern and southeastern region, though there are some scattered throughout the rest of the island nation.

With regard to the United States, The Social Security Administration (SSA) reports that Hanckle is the 1,737,746th most popular last name in the country. It is indicative of a small presence with an ever-slight increase in the number filers. In short, it is not a common surname, but neither is it nearly extinct.

Overall, the distrubtion of the last name Hanckle is relatively sparse, spotty, and localized. Its origins are most likely Germanic, and it is found mainly in Europe, with the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries boasting small numbers of Hanckles.

Variations of the surname Hanckle

Hanckle is a surname of English origin. It is usually seen spelled as Hanckle, Hanckles, and Hanckleson, although Hanckleson is more commonly used in the United States. Variants of the surname from other countries include Hanel, Hanckel, Hankel, Hanckell, Hankell, Hankal, and Hankle.

The surname Hanckle is derived from an old English personal name which is a combination of the Old English words hana, meaning "rooster" and ciole, which means "small". Over time, the name became Hanckles, and eventually, the many variations of the name.

The English surname can also be found in Germany, where it is spelled Hankle, and in France, where it can be spelled Henchel or Hencal. It is believed to have been brought to England by a German soldier called Hankle during the time of the Norman Conquest.

The Scottish and Irish variants of Hanckle are Hannock, Hancock, Hanock, Hanok, Hankock, Hancak, Hanick, Hanack, and Hennick. These spellings were likely derived from an Old Irish name of similar sound.

Hanckles may also be found in the United States, where the spelling is usually Hanckleson rather than the traditional Hanckle spelling. Hanckleson is also found in Canada, although the traditional spelling of Hanckle is more commonly used in Quebec.

Finally, Hanckle is also found in the Netherlands, where it is spelled Hanckel or Hankel. This spelling is most likely derived from the original Old Norse name Hagankel, which means "hawk-like".

Famous people with the name Hanckle

  • Ian Hanckle: British actor best known for playing Derek Trotter in the BBC comedy series Only Fools and Horses.
  • Dave Hanckle: American professional football player who played for the Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Rams, and San Diego Chargers from 1976 to 1984.
  • Terrence Hanckle: Politician and philanthropist who served as mayor of Philadelphia from 1992-2000.
  • Patrick Hanckle: British politician who was chairman of the Conservative Party from 2001 to 2005.
  • Reginald Hanckle: British poet known for his popular works such as The Agricultural Poet (1912) and The Rambler (1922).
  • Margaret Hanckle: English novelist best known for her novel, Direction Home (1911).
  • Matthew Hanckle: US Marine Corps officer who was awarded the Silver Star for his bravery in the Vietnam War.
  • Edward Hanckle: American jurist and judge on the Supreme Court of the State of New York.
  • Tyler Hanckle: British hurdler who won the gold medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia.
  • Richard Hanckle: Canadian actor who starred in the cult classic, Scanners (1981).

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