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Surname Hankins - Meaning and Origin

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B. Hankins

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Hankins: What does the surname Hankins mean?

The surname Hankins is typically of English origin and is considered a patronymic surname, meaning it is derived from the name of a father or paternal ancestor. Specifically, it originates from the medieval personal name Hankin, which is a diminutive form of the given name John. The name John comes from the Hebrew name Yochanan, which means "Jehovah has favored me with a son." Consequently, the surname Hankins can be loosely interpreted to mean "son of Hankin" or "son of John." It gained popularity in the Middle Ages and can be found in various forms, such as Hankinson or Hancox. Today, individuals bearing the surname Hankins can be found in many English-speaking countries around the world.

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Hankins: Where does the name Hankins come from?

The surname Hankins is of English origin, derived from the medieval personal name Hankin, which is a diminianitive of Han(e) or John. Therefore, Hankins can be translated to "son of Hankin." The name began appearing in written documents in the 13th century, particularly in Hertfordshire and Yorkshire.

Today, this surname is most popular in the United States, with a particular concentration in the Southern region. There's also a significant number of individuals with the Hankins surname in England, concentrated in London and the South East. It is also found, although less commonly, in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Despite being of English origin, it is much more prevalent in the United States than in England or any other part of the United Kingdom. While the name is not exceedingly common worldwide, it has gained some prominence through notable figures such as American baseball player Chris Hankins and British artist Simon Hankinson.

Variations of the surname Hankins

The surname Hankins is a patronymic name derived from the medieval personal name Hankin, which was a diminutive of John. Variants for this surname include Hankinson, Hanken, Hankin, Hanking, Hankey, Hanchen, Hanekamp, Hankham and Hanke.

It is also believed that the surname could be of Jewish origin, given its similarity to the Hebrew name Hanokh. Variants in this context might include Henoch, Chanoch, or Hanyak.

The name spelling can also be greatly influenced by factors such as the region and country of origin, local dialects, and immigration. As such, Hankins can also be found under different spellings following immigration including Hanchins, Hancins or Hankens, due to pronunciations and misspellings.

It is also important to note that further variations might occur within different languages. For example, in Dutch, the variants Henkie or Henk could be found.

Lastly, it is also possible for the surname Hankins to be a matronymic name, named after one's mother or an important female figure in one's lineage. However, this occurrence is quite rare.

Triangulating the surname Hankins into different cultures and languages can yield many variations and spellings.

Famous people with the name Hankins

  • Jonathan Hankins: American football defensive tackle who is playing for the Las Vegas Raiders in the National Football League.
  • Don Hankins: California State University Chico's professor and renowned fire scientist.
  • Tyler Hankins: a professional baseball player who was drafted by the Detroit Tigers in the 15th round of the 2018 MLB June Amateur Draft.
  • Jim Hankins: a famous American sculptor, known for his works in wood, especially the racing car 'Cobra'.
  • Warren Hankins: a former professional American football player who played running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Detroit Lions in the 1940s.
  • Rebecca Hankins: she is a certified archivist/librarian maintaining both traditional and digital archives.
  • Sharon Hankins: former Miss Georgia in 1968 and a long-time television personality.
  • Stephen Hankins: a creative writer known for his books about World War II.
  • John Hankins: a famous Christian Evangelist from the 18th century. Please note that many of the so-called 'famous' Hankins were only locally or regionally known or achieved fame in a specialized field. Depending on one's interest and knowledge base, they might or might not be considered famous.

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