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Surname Haring - Meaning and Origin

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Haring: What does the surname Haring mean?

Haring is a Dutch surname that literally translates to "herring" in English, which is a type of fish. The name is likely occupational in origin, indicating that the original bearer either sold or caught herring. Surnames based on professions were common in Europe during the Middle Ages when the name was formed. Alternatively, it might have equally been a nickname for an individual, perhaps indicating some characteristic associated with a herring. As with many old surnames, the precise origin can often be challenging to pin down due to a lack of specific historical evidence. Notable people with the surname Haring include American artist Keith Haring and multiple Dutch individuals, pointing towards its Dutch roots.

Haring: Where does the name Haring come from?

The surname Haring has Dutch origins, stemming from the Dutch word "haring" which translates to "herring" in English, suggesting that the original bearers of the surname might have been involved in the fishing or fish selling business. It remains a popular surname in the Netherlands today. It is also not uncommon in the United States, mainly due to the Dutch settlers who migrated and settled in North America in the 17th and 18th centuries. Prominent figures such as the late American artist Keith Haring have contributed to the modern day visibility of the name in the U.S. Overall, the surname Haring is most commonly found in countries with significant Dutch populations or influences.

Variations of the surname Haring

The surname Haring has several variants and associated spellings that can be linked to it, originating from different countries and cultures around the world. These variations may have occurred due to clerical errors, changes in pronunciation, or different dialects and languages.

Some of the more common variations and spellings of the surname Haring include Harring, Haering, Haringe, Harin, Herring, Hering, Herin, and Herrin. Dutch variants includes Herinck, Herink and Herinx. In Germany, the surname can also be written as Häring.

Many of these variants can also be used as surnames in their own right, expanding the possible connections and lineage of the Haring surname. For example, the Herring, Hering, and Herrin surnames are quite common, particularly in English speaking countries.

It is also possible that the surname Haring could be connected to the Harin surname in Spain or the Herin surname in France, further illustrating the diverse origins and variations of this surname.

In summary, the surname Haring has many different spellings and variations that are connected to it, demonstrating its diverse origins and the various branches of the Haring family tree.

Famous people with the name Haring

  • Keith Haring: One of the most iconic visual artists of the 80s, Keith Haring was a painter, sculptor, and social activist who is best known for his colorful pop style. He worked in several media, often incorporating cultural and political messages frequently associated with the underground/new wave movements.
  • Faith Haring: Faith Haring is a contemporary figurative sculptor known for her sculptures of slightly distorted nude figures. Her works have been displayed in galleries and exhibitions around the world.
  • Jennifer Haring: Jennifer Haring is an American artist and sculptor who creates abstract sculptures that explore the emotional and physical relationships between people and animals. Her work has been shown at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Tate Modern, among other places.
  • Theo Haring: Theo Haring is an American stage director who has directed plays and musicals around the world. His work has been produced at the Stranger Theatre, the New York Theater Workshop, and the P.A.T.H. Festival.
  • John Haring: John Haring was a journalist, editor, and public relations executive, who was a prominent figure in the San Francisco cultural scene in the 1920s and 1930s. He was a contributing editor to The Evening Sun, and was later one of the first publicists at The San Francisco Examiner.

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