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Surname Harlan - Meaning and Origin

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F. Harlan

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Harlan: What does the surname Harlan mean?

The surname Harlan is of Anglo-Saxon origin and has a rich historical background. Derived from Old English, the name Harlan is typically believed to mean "rocky land" or "from the army land." It is composed of two elements: "har," which means "army" or "cried," and "land" meaning "territory" or "land." The name signifies a warrior or someone from the rocky land. Traditionally, it was a name given to individuals who inhabited or owned lands that were hilly or rocky. Over time, the surname spread across different regions and maintains prominent historical significance in places like England and the United States. The multiple interpretations of Harlan reflect its rich etymological origins and make it an intriguing surname to study.

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Harlan: Where does the name Harlan come from?

The surname Harlan is of English origin, more specifically from the Western county of Somerset. The term "Harlan" is derived from the Old English words "hoar" meaning grey or old and "hlinc" meaning ridge or hill. Therefore, the original bearer of the name was likely an old person living on a ridge.

Today, the surname Harlan is quite widespread in the United States, primarily due to significant migration known as the Transatlantic Migration from Europe during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Notable people with the surname include the American film director Henry Harlan and Supreme Court Justice John Marshall Harlan. It's also prevalent in the UK, particularly in the region of its origin. However, compared to other surnames, Harlan is still relatively uncommon. As a result, you may not find high concentrations of individuals with that surname outside England and the US.

Variations of the surname Harlan

The surname Harlan is primarily of English origin and seems to have been derived from a place name. Various spellings and variants of the surname may include Harland, Harlin, Harlen, Hurlin, and Harling. The spelling variations might be due to factors such as phonetics or translation between languages.

In addition to these variants, there may be surnames that are related to Harlan through common origins or meanings. Some possibilities for these could include Harley, Hurling, or Harl. These names often share the association with hares or rocky land, similar to the Harlan name.

In terms of similar surnames, there will also be names associated with topographical features such as Hill, Dale, or Brook. These are common examples of similar surnames that derive from geography and nature.

However, without a more thorough lineage and etymological research, it's challenging to definitively list all related surnames and variants. As such, it's important to note that this list does not provide a comprehensive overview of all possible related surnames and their variants.

Famous people with the name Harlan

  • John Marshall Harlan: U.S. Supreme Court Justice.
  • John Marshall Harlan II: Grandson of the first Harlan, also a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.
  • Veit Harlan: German film director.
  • Thomas Harlan: Science fiction and fantasy author, son of Veit Harlan.
  • Jan Harlan: Film producer and director, brother of Thomas and son of Veit.
  • Bruce Harlan: American Olympic diver.
  • Richard Harlan: U.S. naturalist and zoologist.
  • Jennifer Harlan: American journalist, working for the New York Times.
  • Ross Harlan: American stage and film actor.
  • Karen Harlan: British artist and illustrator.
  • Jonas Harlan: Former NBA player.
  • Kristian Harloff: Host of the popular YouTube show, "Schmoes Know". It's worth noting that while Harlan is not his last name, Colonel Harland Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, is perhaps the most famous individual with Harlan in his name.

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