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Surname Harling - Meaning and Origin

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Harling: What does the surname Harling mean?

The surname Harling is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is primarily associated with England. It is a locational or geographical surname, meaning that it is derived from a place name. The name Harling is believed to be derived from the place called East Harling or Market Harling in Norfolk, England.

The place name 'Harling' is composed of two Old English elements: 'Herela', a personal name, and '-ingas', a suffix used to denote 'family or followers of'. So, the surname Harling could mean 'the family or followers of Herela'. This points to the origin of the surname as a clan or familial identifier, indicating a group that originally hailed from the locality of Harling.

Additionally, the original spelling variations of this surname included Harlinge, Harlynge, and Harlyng, among others. Over time, these variations converged to the modern spelling, Harling. Like many other surnames, the meaning has been somewhat lost in modern usage, and today it primarily serves as a familial identifier.

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Famous people with the name Harling

  • Amanda Harling: English actress, known for roles in Bridgerton and The Tunnel: Sabotage
  • Kat Harling: Country music singer, songwriter, and guitarist
  • Chris Harling: Award-winning cinematographer, director, and producer
  • Charles Harling: British actor, mainly on stage
  • Nick Harling: Canadian Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Stuart Harling:Record producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist
  • Jonathan Harling: German filmmaker and photographer
  • Paul Harling: US television producer and writer, known for his work on Saturday Night Live, Cheers, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and Breaking Bad
  • Peter Harling: English actor, known for his roles in Black Mirror and Luther
  • Sarah Harling: Canadian model and television presenter

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