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Surname Harmann - Meaning and Origin

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Harmann: What does the surname Harmann mean?

The surname Harmann is of German origin, derived from the personal name “Harman”, which is derived from a pet form of the Germanic personal name “Heirman”. This personal name is composed of two elements: “Heir”, which means “host”, “army”, or “multitude”, and “man”, which means “man”.

The surname Harmann was likely borne by a person who had a strong military background, a high social standing, or was an important leader. It would therefore indicate a strong sense of honour and integrity.

In the Middle Ages, the Harmann surname was a common occupational name for a helmet maker, suggesting an appreciation of protection and security. Since helmets were primarily worn by members of the upper class, it indicates a strong sense of self-respect and prestige.

The surname Harmann is also associated with making wine. As wine was often a sign of wealth and high social standing, it indicates that the person who bore the surname knew their way around the finer things in life.

Overall, the surname Harmann is associated with strong morals and a sense of honour, protection and security, and an appreciation of wealth and social standing.

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Harmann: Where does the name Harmann come from?

The last name Harmann is a German surname derived from the word “harmon,” meaning “warrior” or “army”. It is most commonly seen in Germany, where it is widely distributed throughout the country.

In addition to Germany, Harmann is also seen in Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United States. In the United States, the Harmann family has its roots in Pennsylvania and New York. Recently, many Harmann families have also settled in the Midwest and the West Coast. The states of Illinois, California, and Texas have seen an influx of Harmann's in the last few decades.

Outside of Germany and the United States, Harmann is also commonly found in the United Kingdom, especially in England. The city of London has a large number of Harmann families throughout the boroughs. Additionally, the United Kingdom has seen a significant amount of Harmann immigration from Germany in recent decades.

Outside of these main locations, there are smaller communities of Harmann’s in Canada and the Scandinavian countries. Harmann families can also be found in other parts of the world, but they may not be as concentrated as they are in Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Variations of the surname Harmann

The surname Harmann is of German origin and has a wide variety of variants and spellings. Some of these include:

Härmann: This is the most common spelling of the name in German. It is also found in the United States and Canada.

Harmon: This spelling is more common in English-speaking countries.

Harman: This is another variant of the spelling found in Germany and the United Kingdom.

Harme: This is a rather rare variant of the name found mostly in Germany.

Hermain: This is a French variant of the surname found in France and Canada.

Hermann: This variant appears to be more popular in the United States.

Hermann: This is the Polish version of the name, found mainly in Poland.

Herman: This spelling is more common in the United States than other countries.

Hermain: This is another variant of the name, found in France.

Hermans: This is a surname found in the Netherlands.

Hermanns: This is a variant of the surname found in Germany and the United Kingdom.

Hermassing: This is a rare spelling of the name, found mainly in Germany.

Harmin: This is another less common spelling of the name, mainly seen in Germany.

Hermin: This spelling is found mostly in Lithuania.

Harmany: This is a rare variant of the name, found mainly in Germany.

Due to the wide variety of variants and spellings, it is difficult to trace the origin of the Harmann surname. However, with deeper research, one can find links between the various variants. For example, Härmann and Harman are both Germanic variations of the same name.

Famous people with the name Harmann

  • Christian Harmann: Danish television host and actor
  • Jaymie Harmann: Canadian underwater hockey player
  • Bo Harmann: Danish musician
  • Lisa Harmann: American model and actress
  • Liam Harmann: British artist, model, and activist
  • Werner Harmann: German historical preservationist
  • Rick Harmann: American country music singer and songwriter
  • Jeremy Harmann: American actor and stand-up comedian
  • Hans Harmann: German doctor and scientist
  • Salvatore Harmann: Italian journalist and writer
  • Peter Harmann: German legal scholar
  • Georg Harmann: Austrian composer
  • Lars Harmann: Swedish Olympic freestyle wrestler
  • Simon Harmann: Swiss movie director
  • Mathis Harmann: French inventor
  • Horst Harmann: German tackle football player
  • Marianne Harmann: Danish television presenter
  • Tim Harmann: American voice actor
  • Alex Harmann: Danish YouTuber
  • Arnold Harmann: German engineer and inventor

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