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Surname Harmeling - Meaning and Origin

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Harmeling: What does the surname Harmeling mean?

The last name Harmeling is of Dutch origin and is derived from the Middle Dutch word "harmeling", meaning “young orphan". It is thought to have initially been used as an occupational name for someone responsible for taking care of young orphans.

Harmeling is a fairly uncommon name and is rarely used throughout the world. Most records indicate that this name first started appearing in Dutch records from the mid 1600s. Over time, it spread to France and other parts of Europe.

Today, the Harmeling surname can be found mainly in the Netherlands, France, the United States, Canada, and Germany. Because the name Harmeling is not common, it is initially associated with the Dutch. It is considered a traditional name that has been passed down from generation to generation.

To commemorate the last name, the Harmeling family has its own shield with three stars. Based on the family records, the stars were added to the shield to signify a special meaning held by the family, such as strength, courage, and faith.

Overall, the Harmeling name is a beautiful legacy associated with strength, courage, faith, and compassion. Its unique origin and long-standing family legacy elaborate a unique story that has been passed down through generations.

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Harmeling: Where does the name Harmeling come from?

The last name Harmeling is a name that is common today in the Netherlands. It is most often found in the Netherlands provinces of North Holland, Utrecht, and Flevoland. The current incidence of the name in the Netherlands suggests that it originated from the region.

The name may also have its roots in Germany, though the current prevalence of the name in the Netherlands suggests Dutch origins. It is believed to have been coined from the German word "harmel", meaning "seeded grassland" which is an apt description for the flat coastal plains of the Netherlands.

The name Harmeling is most likely to be found in the larger cities and surrounding areas of the Netherlands. This could include the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht, and Arnhem. It is possible that it may even extend to regions beyond the Netherlands' borders, given the region's close proximity to more populous areas.

Given its origin in Northern Europe, the name is likely to be found in other countries where Dutch immigration was prominent, such as Belgium and North America. In the United States, Harmeling is most common in Pennsylvania and New York, with a significant number of recorded instances in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois.

Regardless of where it is found today, the Harmeling name is likely to have been coined in the Netherlands and is likely to still be commonly found there.

Variations of the surname Harmeling

Harmeling is a Dutch surname of patronymic origin, meaning “son of Harmel.” Variants of the surname include Harmele, Harmelings, Harmeling, Harmeeling, Harmelin, Harmon, Harder, Harms and Harmse.

The spelling of the surname varies with different records from the same source. In certain language variants the “H” in Harmeling may be replaced by a “G” or an “H”. The additional “s” at the end of the word is an indication that the surname is associated with an ancestral estate.

The surname is found primarily in the Netherlands and Belgium and is closely associated with places such as Maastricht and Meerendre. The name is also spread across Europe including Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Scandinavia.

Surnames with similar origins and spellings are Harmele, Harmelings, Harmeling, Harmeeling, Harmon, Harteler, Hardem, Harder, Harde, Harmse, Harmelink, Hormelinks, and Hermenegildo.

Although the surname is found mostly in the Netherlands and Belgium, variations of the name have been found in other areas such as the United States, Australia, India, and Canada.

The name could have also had a presence in the United States when Dutch immigrants came to the country in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Historically, Harmeling is a unique surname, as it stands apart from other Dutch surnames due to its variety of spellings. As such, it is likely that the name was passed down from generation to generation without significant alterations.

Famous people with the name Harmeling

  • Kyle Harmeling: professional golfer.
  • Jay Harmeling: a former Major League Baseball pitcher.
  • Jason Harmeling: an American professor of mathematics.
  • Eric Harmeling: a former professional motocross racer.
  • Trudy Harmeling: Dutch swimmer.
  • Amy Harmeling: a CPA in California.
  • Daniel Harmeling: an American soccer player.
  • Edgar Harmeling: a Dutch record producer.
  • Hans Harmeling: a Dutch ice hockey player.
  • Robert E. Harmeling: a physicist at MIT.

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