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Discovering My Roots: An Emotional Journey with iGENEA’s DNA Test and the Harvey Lineage

Family name Harvey

Taking the iGENEA DNA test proved to be an emotional exploration of my roots, fundamentally changing my perspective on my family and the significance of my surname. It was a journey filled with anticipation, surprise, wonder, and a newfound appreciation for my heritage.

Coming face-to-face with my ancestors through iGENEA’s DNA test resulted in an emotional journey that reshaped my views on my family and the surname Harvey. This was not simple curiosity, but a deep-seated desire to connect with a past that seemed detached and mysterious. From clicking on the iGENEA website to receiving the DNA kit, every step was accompanied by a sense of anticipation and nervous excitement. I found myself pondering over questions like, 'What secrets will my DNA reveal?' and 'Could there be surprises in my family history I am not aware of?'

I remember the day I received the report. I sat down with it in my hands, the emblem of the company etched in my mind. As I discovered the percentage compositions of my ancestry, every piece of information brought an exhilarating rush of emotions — wonder, disbelief, fascination, and overwhelming joy. To think that my DNA carries the stories of people who lived centuries ago.. it was a surreal experience.

Learning about my deep roots in Western Europe and unusual matches in Scandinavia made me reflect on how expansive and diverse our genealogical journeys can be. Unexpected matches in places I had no conscious connection with created a unique sense of adventure and mystery. The new cultural contexts and histories I uncovered made me realize how intertwined we all are, despite apparent differences.

Expanding on my surname Harvey took this journey to even newer heights. Discovering that the name Harvey had a noble lineage dating back to the Normans and was significant during the invasion of England in 1066, made me appreciate my family history like never before. I discovered strength and humility in our linage, my perspective of the surname Harvey altered from just a family name to an important chapter in history. The insignificance gave way to pride and a profound reverence for my ancestors.

This exploration with iGENEA's DNA test has not just satisfied my curiosity but enhanced my sense of identity and belonging. I now feel more connected with my family and my surname, carrying it with an evolved perspective and respect. It has indeed been a transformative journey, one that allowed me to gain a deeper understanding and emotional bond with my past, influencing how I view my future.

C. Harvey

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