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Surname Hasting - Meaning and Origin

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Hasting: What does the surname Hasting mean?

The surname Hasting originates from the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. It is derived from the Old English personal name Hasting, meaning violent or fierce, which comes from the verb "hæstan" meaning "to make haste or be eager." It was often given to a swift runner or messenger. The name could also be locational in origin, stemming from the town of Hastings in Sussex, England. This town was named after the tribe "Hæstingas," which means "Hæsta's people." In the 14th century, those who lived by a notable location, like a hill or river, often adopted the name of their domicile as their surname. The Battle of Hastings in 1066, a significant event in English history, could have also influenced the prevalence of the surname. Therefore, the name Hasting could convey ideas of swiftness, fierceness, or simply denote a geographical origin.

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Hasting: Where does the name Hasting come from?

The surname Hasting is of English origins, typically associated with the town of Hastings in East Sussex, England. The town's name was derived from the Old English tribal name "Hæstingas," meaning "Hæsta's People." The Battle of Hastings in 1066, a monumental event in British history, contributed greatly to the notoriety of the place name and subsequently the surname. The surname may also have Viking connections, with the name ‘Hasting’ or ‘Hastein’, a notable Viking leader in the 9th century.

As it is often the case with surnames, Hasting spread to different parts of the world, chiefly due to migration. Today, the name can be found in many English-speaking countries, including the United States, Canada, England, Australia, and New Zealand. Its highest concentration remains in the United Kingdom, particularly in England, the origin of the surname. Variations of the name, such as Hastings, might be more common or widespread in certain regions.

Variations of the surname Hasting

The surname Hasting can have different spellings and variants depending on the geographic location and historical variations in its use. Common variants and spellings of Hasting could include Hastings, Hastin, Hastins, Hastinge, and Haesting. It's also worth noting that the surname could be a derivation or transformation of other similar surnames such as Hastinges or von Hastingen, used in countries like Germany.

It's also worth noting that the surnames could have a plural form, especially if denoting a family or household, such as "Hastings" or "Hastins". The prefix 'de', as in 'de Hastings', is also commonly used in the middle ages, primarily in Western Europe. In Scandinavia, the surname 'Hästing' may be found, denoting the same origin as Hasting.

The surname Hasting is thought to have come from a location name, such as the town of Hastings in England. This theory triggers the existence of similar surnames derived from the names of other locations such as Hasted, Hastead or Haste.

Overall, the variations of the surname are numerous and could be influenced by regional dialects, historical linguistics, internationalization of the language, and cultural preferences.

Famous people with the name Hasting

  • Don Hastings: American actor who starred in the television series As the World Turns and Captain Video and His Video Rangers.
  • Max Hastings: English journalist, editor, and author.
  • Richard Hastings: English poet and professor of poetry.
  • David Hastings: British video game designer most notable for creating the Dizzy series of video games.
  • Patrick Hastings: British barrister and Conservative politician, served as Attorney General from 1924 to 1929.
  • Alan Hastings: American ecologist and statistician, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Stanford University.
  • Amanda Hasting: American professional figure skater, winner of the 1984 US figure skating championship.
  • Michael Hastings: American journalist, most notable for his 2010 Rolling Stone profile of US general Stanley McChrystal.
  • Beau Hasting: American singer-songwriter, most notable for his 2006 duet with Carrie Underwood "Just a Dream".
  • Emma Hasting: English author, most known for her first novel The Reunited Heart, published in 2018.

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