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Surname Hauche - Meaning and Origin

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Hauche: What does the surname Hauche mean?

The last name Hauche is of German origin, and is a variant of the word Heuß which means “red” in old German. This name was initially used as a nickname for one who had red hair or a ruddy complexion. The people with this surname likely originated in Germany before migrating to other countries around the world. The Hauche surname is found in areas such as France, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, and the United States.

In Germany, people with the surname Hauche tend to be found in the western region, in areas such as Baden, Prussia and Rhineland. In other countries, such as France and Italy, Hauche is more common in the south. This surname is also found in the United States, but is more common in areas of German immigration such as Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. This suggests that the origin of this name is from a Germanic source.

The Hauche family coat of arms features a Sable shield with a pair of Tiger paws or lions' paws, and three Gules roses on two Steel rings. This image symbolizes “resolution and care”, which suggests that the family was determined and caring. This further explains why it has been carried around the world, as an expression of those values.

Overall, the surname Hauche is a unique and meaningful name with roots in Germanic culture. It signifies family strength, courage, and resolution—values shared by the Hauche family over time, and even today.

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Hauche: Where does the name Hauche come from?

The surname Hauche is most common in Germany today. According to the surname distribution map, the Hauche name is most prevalent in the north and western part of the country, with especially high concentrations in the states of Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein, and Hamburg.

Hauche is an occupational surname derived from the Middle High German word "hauchen," which means to hew or to cut. It is likely that the original Hauche family members were woodsmen or other woodsmen-related professions.

The Hauche name can also be found in small concentrations in other European countries such as Poland, Switzerland, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Additionally, the name can be found in the United States, usually in parts of German-American populations, as well as in Canada.

Despite its prevalence in Germany, the Hauche surname is not a particularly common one globally. In the US alone, only 26 people in the year 2005 had the Hauche surname.

Therefore, although the surname Hauche is most common in Germany, the surname is not widely spread throughout Europe and beyond. Going by the 2005 US Census, it appears that the Hauche surname is quite a rare one.

Variations of the surname Hauche

The surname Hauche has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Hauche is most likely derived from the old French word ‘haichier’ meaning ‘to till or cultivate’. The variants and surnames of Hauche include:

Hauch, Haucher, Haucke, Hauck, Hauk, Hauke, Haugh, Haugh, Hawke, Hawkes, Hauks and Hawchens.

The name Hauche mostly originated from German and Dutch speaking Eastern Europe. Its variants are found in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, as well as other parts of Europe. During the 15th century, many people carried the surname had migrated to England and other parts of the British Isles, which is why the surname is also widely found in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Variations in spelling of this surname over time, include Chauche, Houche, Hauche, Haveche, Houche, Hauke, Hawke, Hauk, Haich and Hake, and the other surnames of the same origin share similar spellings.

In some cases, the surname Hauche has also been found adapted to other languages, taking on the form of a different language’s pronunciation. For instance, in some cases it’s found interpreted as Hoch in German, or Hauge in Norwegian.

Thus, the surname Hauch has many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin found in many parts of the world.

Famous people with the name Hauche

  • Colomba Hauche: Columbian singer, songwriter, model, and social media celebrity.
  • Ricardo Hauche: Uruguayan footballer.
  • Erwin Hauche: Chilean film producer.
  • Javier Hauche: Chilean football coach.
  • Hugo Hauche: Argentine footballer.
  • Elide Hauche: Argentinian educationalist.
  • Paulo Hauche: Argentinian entrepreneur.
  • Gerardo Hauche: Paraguayan artist.
  • Stephanie Hauche: Uruguayan taekwondo athlete.
  • Matías Hauche: Argentinian footballer.
  • Gustavo Hauche: Argentinian footballer.
  • Blandi Hauche: Norwegian singer and songwriter.
  • Luciano Hauche: Argentinian actor.
  • Tatiana Hauche: Chilean television and film actress.
  • Roberto Hauche: Uruguayan footballer.
  • Guillermo Hauche: Argentinian film director.
  • Gustavo Hauche: Argentinian architect.
  • Jacquelin Hauche: Mexican actress.
  • Federico Hauche: Argentinian actor.
  • Ben Hauche: American ultimate player.

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