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Surname Hauri - Meaning and Origin

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Hauri: What does the surname Hauri mean?

The last name Hauri is an occupational surname derived from the Old German word ‘haur’ meaning ‘small holder’, or one who owned a farm. It can also refer to someone who lived near or kept a small pond for fish farming. This surname is mostly found in German-speaking countries such as Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, although it can also be found in other countries such as France and the United States.

The Hauri surname is believed to have originated in the Rhineland region of Germany more than a thousand years ago. It was common for landowners in the region to take on a surname, with the Hauri family being one such example. It can be found in records dating back to the 12th century in the form of Ursel Hauri, a witness to aum bürgerechts, or ‘property rights’, in the town of Ober-Gosslingen in 1141.

The Hauris have a long history of involvement in farming, and the occupation of name is indicative of this. It has been suggested that the Hauris were responsible for supplying the majority of grain, cereals and legumes in the Rhineland region. This is reflected in the importance of farming in the lives of the family; many of the family’s coats of arms feature grains, ploughs and depictions of agricultural activities.

Today, the Hauri family continues to live mainly in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It is also found in France, the United Kingdom, and the United States and other countries around the world.

Hauri: Where does the name Hauri come from?

The last name Hauri is most commonly found in Switzerland, particularly in the German-speaking Swiss cantons. It is also found in smaller numbers in countries throughout Europe, including Germany, Austria, and France.

Hauri is a rare surname, with a rather limited geographic distribution. It is believed to have originated from an old Swiss German or Swiss Alemannic name derived from "hauche", meaning "infantryman"; however, some have suggested that the name may also be derived from the Alemannic name "Haussmann" or "Haußmann," meaning "houseman."

The surname peaked in popularity in Switzerland during the 19th century, particularly in the cantons of Zug, Berne, Aargau, and Zurich. In recent years, however, its distinctiveness has been noticeably declining, with the surname Hauri becoming more common in countries such as Germany and the United States.

In terms of its frequency, Hauri is still perceived as a fairly rare and uncommon surname. While its prevalence has been on a steady decline, the surname remains a part of Switzerland's history and culture.

Variations of the surname Hauri

The surname Hauri has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin.

The most common variants are Haur, Hauw, Hahr, and Howr. These spellings are all derived from the Old High German word 'hauw', which means lean and thin.

Haur, Hauw, and Howr are also frequently seen spelled as Hauer, Hower, Houwer, and Hawer. These spellings have also been occasionally found in English records, but are much more common in Germany and Switzerland.

The surname Hauri is also seen spelled as Hauri, Hauery, Hauiry, Hawari, and Hawary. These spellings are derived from the old German word 'hauerig', which means witty or bright.

Other variant spellings of the surname Hauri include Haurri, Haurrer, Haurry, Hawere, Hawerr, Hawier, and Hawir. These spellings are derived from the Middle High German word 'hauer', which means an inhabitant of a certain mountain region.

Surnames of the same origin as Hauri include Haurposed and Haufird, which were derived from the Alemannic words 'Haur' and 'Fir', meaning goal and boundary.

Other surnames of the same origin include Haud, Haub, and Heuf. These surnames originated from the Middle High German words 'Haud', meaning guardian, and 'Heuf', meaning hedge.

Finally, surnames of the same origin as Hauri include Hauffrath, Hauft, Hauba, and Hürzeler. These words are derived from the Old High German elements 'Houf', meaning house, and 'Frath', meaning counsel; 'Haub', meaning hood; and 'Hürzeler', meaning flower meadows.

Famous people with the name Hauri

  • Peter Hauri, Swiss professional athlete
  • Andre Hauri, German businessman and most recently in 2018 the head of research and development at Bosch
  • Lutz Hauri, Swiss mathematician and professor at the University of Basel
  • Martin Hauri, Swiss sculptor
  • Thomas Hauri, Swiss photographer and actor
  • Wolfgang Hauri, German physicist and professor at the University of Mainz
  • Ruth Hauri, Swiss politician and member of the Swiss National Council
  • Arnold Hauri, Swiss publisher and founder of the publishing house Peter Lang International Academic Publishers
  • Hans Hauri, Swiss Olympic wrestler
  • Anton Hauri, Swiss sculptor and engraver
  • Emil Hauri, Swiss painter and graphic artist
  • Friedrich Hauri, Swiss priest and priestly formator
  • Michael Hauri, Swiss musician and publisher
  • Urs Hauri, Swiss engineer and computer scientist
  • Markus Hauri, Swiss weightlifter and athlete
  • Stephan Hauri, Swiss artist and sculptor
  • Heinz Hauri, Swiss theater director, writer and founder of the Junges Theater Basel
  • Heinz Hauri, Swiss painter and draughtsman
  • Markus Hauri, Swiss composer and professor at the College of Music in Basel
  • Silvia Hauri, Swiss artist and sculptor
  • Reinhold Hauri, Swiss entomologist
  • Max Hauri, Swiss actor

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