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Surname Hause - Meaning and Origin

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Hause: What does the surname Hause mean?

The surname Hause has German origins and is derived from the Middle High German term "hus" which means "house". It was often used as a topographic name for someone who lived in or near a house, as opposed to living in a more rural or agricultural setting. It might have also been used as an occupational surname for a house servant or someone who worked in a house, such as an inn or a shop. In some instances, the surname Hause might also refer to someone who owned a noteworthy or impressive house. It is important to note that the meaning of a surname can vary greatly depending on its historical and geographical context. Therefore, only a genealogical research can provide a more accurate understanding of the surname's origin and meaning.

Hause: Where does the name Hause come from?

The surname Hause is of Anglo-Saxon origin, deriving from the Old English word "hus" which translates to "house". The name is occupational, usually denoting a person who worked at a house, such as a steward or servant, or a person who lived in a particularly noteworthy house or building.

In some cases, the name may be topographic, attributed to individuals living in a house as opposed to a hut in medieval times. This surname also has roots in Germany, where "Hause" means "house" in German, so it could similarly indicate a householder or a person living in a notable house.

Today, the surname Hause is most common in the United States, specifically in Pennsylvania. According to Forebears, the last name Hause is the 29,030th most common surname in the world, with around 12,000 people bearers of the name globally. It is also found, though less commonly, in England, Canada, and Australia.

Variations of the surname Hause

The surname Hause, pronounced like "house", can be traced back to Germanic origins and can denote a person who owned a significant residence or building. Variations and alternative spellings of this surname include Haus, House, Hauser, Häuser, Howse, Houzé, Hauzé, Houses, and Housey.

The surname Hauser could have derived from a house owner or someone who lives or works in a house, from Middle High German hūs and the suffix -er for an agent noun.

"Häuser" is a multiple form of Hause in German and it translates into 'houses' in English.

Another similar surname is "Howse" which seems to have English roots and is prominent in some parts of England.

"Houzé" and "Hauzé" are altered forms surrounded by French influence or spelling, which add an accent to the 'e'.

The surname Housey could be a derivative of Hause.

These variations in spelling were probably influenced by regional dialects, literacy levels, and differences in languages among different countries, further creating unique versions from the original surname. Each variation carries a unique blend of the original surname with local cultural influences.

Famous people with the name Hause

  • Cameron Hause: Actor, known for his roles in The Duff and Lady Bird
  • Taylor Hause: Model and Instagram star
  • Drew Hause: MLB pitcher for the Minnesota Twins
  • Matthew Hause: Professional basketball player
  • Dylan Hause: Drummer for the band Taking Back Sunday
  • Cole Hause: Actor and stunt performer
  • Matthew Hause: Executive for the Portland Trail Blazers
  • Heath Hause: Singer-songwriter and musician
  • Lindsay Hause: Actress known for her roles on Days of Our Lives and Million Dollar Milers
  • Danielle Hause: Professional wrestler known for her time on the independent circuit

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