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Surname Hebert - Meaning and Origin

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Hebert: What does the surname Hebert mean?

The surname Hebert is predominantly French in origin and is derived from the Germanic personal name "Heribert". It comes from the elements "heri" which means 'army' and "berht" meaning 'bright or famous', therefore it can be translated to 'bright or famous army'. Many bearers of this name are found in France, particularly in the northern and western regions of the country. The name made its way to England after the Norman conquest and to North America with early French colonial expansion. Despite different spelling variations, all forms of the name (including Herbert, Aubert, and others) originally stem from the same Germanic root, making them etymologically related. Variations in the spelling of the surname over centuries can be attributed to a lack of spelling rules in early times, language changes, and the cultural or linguistic changes in different regions.

Hebert: Where does the name Hebert come from?

The last name Hebert is of French origin. It is derived from the personal name Herbert, which was introduced to France by the Normans in the Middle Ages. The name is formed from the elements "hari," meaning army, and "berht," meaning famous or bright.

Hebert is a patronymic surname, indicating that at its origin, it was used to denote “son of Herbert.” This way of naming was common in France, especially in the region of Normandy, where the surname was first recorded.

Though the name has French origins, it can be found in various parts of the world today due to French immigration and influence in countries across the globe. However, it remains most common in French-speaking regions, particularly in France and in the Canadian province of Quebec. It is also fairly common in the United States, especially in Louisiana, which has a strong historical connection to French culture due to the region’s French colonial history. Other areas with a significant population of people with the Hebert surname include Belgium, Switzerland, and parts of Africa, particularly former French colonies.

Famous people with the name Hebert

  • Paul Herbert: the former English cricketer and all-rounder.
  • D.K. Hebert: the actor and singer best known for playing the role of "S.Q. Higgins" on the hit tv show, "Dallas".
  • Gabrielle Hebert: a Canadian television, radio and voice actress known for roles such as Gwen in the 2018 animated movie, The Grinch.
  • Manuel Hebert: a prominent artist from Louisiana whose works have been displayed in the Musee Art Contemporain des Laurentides, the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Musée d'art de Beloeil.
  • Mary Hebert: a best-selling American contemporary romance novelist.
  • Laurie Hebert: a Canadian singer-songwriter whose music has been featured in major television series like Dawson’s Creek and One Tree Hill.
  • Ryan Hebert: an American actor and playwright known for starring in the TV series, Young and Hungry.
  • Victoria Hebert: an American ice dancer and the 2016 U.S. bronze medalist with partner Nathan Bartholomay.
  • Raymond Hebert: a Canadian born film director and scriptwriter who has directed 8 feature films.
  • Émile Hebert: a 19th-century French sculptor who created over eighty works in the classical and romantic styles.

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