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Surname Hechtl - Meaning and Origin

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Hechtl: What does the surname Hechtl mean?

The surname Hechtl is an occupational surname, derived from the German and Austrian word "hecht," meaning "angler." The name Hechtl most likely could have been given to a family of anglers, or those who work in the fishing industry. During the Middle Ages, the fishing industry was very important for villagers and as such, spawning many related surnames such as Hechtl. This surname was likely kept in families for many generations.

The Hechtl surname also appears in other cultures. In the Czech Republic it is pronounced "Gechtl," while in Hungary it is pronounced "Hechtle." It appeared in different forms in other countries as well, such as the Dutch name “Hacckelman” and in Sweden as “Hackelman.”

Hechtl is also an old Jewish surname, being found in the Jewish communities of Eastern Europe. The name is believed to be derived from the word “hekht” (or “chakhal” in Hebrew), meaning “flock.” It is thought that the original Hechtl belonged to a merchant family who kept a flock of sheep, goats or other livestock.

No matter which culture it’s from, the surname Hechtl means a family that is connected to the fishing industry in some way. It is now found in many countries, although its exact origins remain unknown.

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Hechtl: Where does the name Hechtl come from?

Hechtl is a surname that originated in modern-day Germany. It is most commonly found in Germany, with around 2,770 people with the last name living there as of 2020. Additionally, it can be found in Austria, with around 275 people, and in the United States, with an estimated total of 77 people.

The surname Hechtl is also seen in countries such as Canada, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, and Slovakia. These countries have a much lower number of people with the last name, in the range of 1 or 2 digit numbers.

Hechtl is likely derived from a place name, where the person originally came from, with its root words “hech” and “tel” likely to have meant something like “edge” or “corner.” People bearing this last name in modern times likely have it inherited from an ancestor who hailed from the original home of the family.

Hechtl is a relatively uncommon name, with its most common locations being in Germany and Austria. Nevertheless, the surname does still appear in several countries all over the world, having been carried forward from the original home of the family.

Variations of the surname Hechtl

Hechtl is a surname of Germanic origin, derived from the Old High German word "haft" meaning "diligent". It is a common German family name, with many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. These include:

Hacht, Haechtl, Hachtel, Hackl, Hecht, Hechtel, Hechtl, Heycht, Hechtling, Hechtman, Hocht (in Switzerland), Heckt, Hochtl, Haecktal, Haeckter, Hegtle, Hochtlem, Hachtman, Hahtman, and Hatscher.

The spelling of surnames often changed over time and with immigration to other countries. Some of these spellings may have faded as languages and cultures changed, while others adapted to the differences in land and language.

The majority of people using Hechtl today are likely descendants of the Hechtl family who settled in what is now Germany and Austria during the Middle Ages. Over time, they spread to other countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries.

Today, Hechtl is a well-known surname in the German language, and is often combined with other surnames. For example, there is a famous German cyclist called Tony Hechtl-Heinrichs.

Famous people with the name Hechtl

  • Peter Hechtl (actor and director, known for various TV shows such as SOKO Leipzig and Die außergewöhnliche Reise des Sherlock Holmes)
  • Kurt Hechtl (Austrian voice actor known for Vicky the Viking and The Little Polar Bear)
  • Sharon Hechtl (American novelist and poet; author of novels such as Mystery at Otter Cove and Drone Pilot)
  • Robert Hechtl (Czech-born American celebrity chef, restaurateur and television personality; hosts of shows like The Robert Hechtl Show)
  • Paul Hechtl (Austrian painter and sculptor; known for his surrealist and abstract works)
  • Daniel Hechtl (German video game designer; developed games such as Space Probe and Territory 2025)
  • Alexander Hechtl (Austrian economist, professor of economics and public policy at the Vienna University of Economics and Business)
  • Frank Hechtl (Austrian author and journalist; editor of the news magazine profil and the literary magazine Der freie Satz)
  • André Hechtl (German photographer and graphic designer; known for his images in the fashion and music industries)
  • David Hechtl (American professor of Irish Studies at Drury University; author of book Ireland Unbound: Reflections on the Emergence of a New Nation)

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