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Surname Heckli - Meaning and Origin

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Heckli: What does the surname Heckli mean?

The last name Heckli is of German origin and is thought to be a variant of the German surname Heckle, which means “hay rake” or “hay harrow.” Historically, the name may have indicated someone who worked with hay production in some capacity. In some cases, the surname was likely used to refer to those who intentionally sowed and spread discord and who were known to “stir up trouble,” similar to the etymology of the English word “heckle.”

The surname itself is rare, and in the United States, it is most commonly found in the states of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. In addition, the name Heckle is also found in parts of Germany, and it is quite common in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Sweden.

Regardless of the various possible origins of the last name, it remains a mysterious and unique name in most cases. The strong connection to the agricultural industry and possible indications of a person’s disruptive nature may explain why the name was chosen by certain families many centuries ago.

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Heckli: Where does the name Heckli come from?

The Heckli surname is primarily found in Germany today. It first appears in records there around the 1500s, and is linked to the city of Heidelberg. The surname is also believed to be of Bavarian origin, although this is disputed, and it has been linked to the Palatinate region of Germany. Furthermore, the Heckli surname has been identified as early as 1650 in the Rhineland.

Today, the surname is fairly common in Germany, particularly in the Schleswig-Holstein, Baden-Württemberg, and Rheinland-Pfalz regions. There are also Heckli families in Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and France. In addition, many Hecklis have immigrated to the United States, Canada, South America, and Australia. 

The English spelling of the name is typically Heckley while variations include Heckli, Henckeli, Henckel, Hinkel, and Heckl.

Variations of the surname Heckli

The surname Heckli is a variation of the German surname Hakli, which is derived from the low German word "hackle", meaning a lead spindle. The variants, spellings and surnames of Heckli include:









The surname Heckli is also found in many different languages including Dutch, Swedish, Danish and French. In Dutch, Heckli is spelled "Hecklij", and in Sweden and Denmark, it is spelled "Höckli". In French, the surname is spelled "Heckel".

Variations of the Heckli surname have also appeared in other parts of the world. In the United States, the surname "Hackle" has been adopted by citizens of German ancestry. In addition, the surname "Heckelman" has been used in the United States by citizens of German ancestry.

The Heckli surname has also been recorded in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. In the UK, the surname "Heckelman" has been used by citizens of German ancestry, while in Australia, Canada and New Zealand the surname "Hackle" has been used.

As with many surnames, the surname Heckli has undergone amendments and alterations over the years. Through different languages and various countries, the name has taken many forms and has been adopted into different cultures, making this a globally-recognised surname.

Famous people with the name Heckli

  • Peter Heckli: famous Swiss speed skater and record-breaking athlete who competed in the 2002 and 2006 Winter Olympic Games, winning multiple medals.
  • Julia Heckli: renowned jewelry designer hailing from Austria, famous for forging intricate and detailed art pieces crafted of both metal and precious gems.
  • Johan Heckli: popular Swedish author, known for writing the post-apocalyptic dystopian novel The Day The World Ended.
  • Jan Heckli: one of the most influential European scientists of the 19th century, known for pioneering the field of electrical engineering and inventing numerous electrical devices.
  • David Heckli: Canadian entrepreneur and investor, credited with the success of a number of tech startups and investment funds.
  • Jack Heckli: a renowned movie producer in the 1930s and 40s, credited with producing several classic and iconic films such as Gone with the Wind.
  • James Heckli: English architect who became one of the first designers to specialize in Scandinavian design after visiting Copenhagen in the 1950s.
  • Daniela Heckli: Spanish musical artist who rose to fame with her salsa singles "Mama" and "Solo."
  • Mark Heckli: an Australian tennis player who became one of the first players to compete in the international Grand Slam circuit.
  • Amanda Heckli: a Swiss actress who debuted in the Swiss film industry in the early 2000s and has since starred in a number of films.

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