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Surname Heckmair - Meaning and Origin

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Heckmair: What does the surname Heckmair mean?

The last name Heckmair is derived from the personal name Hecmair, which is believed to originate in central Germany. The name is made up of two elements: ‘hag’ meaning ‘hedge’ or ‘fence’, and ‘mar’ meaning ‘famous’ or ‘renowned’. So the name literally means ‘famous or renowned hedge’.

The surname Heckmair first appeared in records during the Middle Ages as a hereditary surname in the Holy Roman Empire - during this period there were ways that families gained recognition and social hierarchy, with surnames increasing in popularity. It is likely that the original bearers of the surname Heckmair lived in a region of Germany where there were large and famous hedges, and members of the family earned valiant recognition because of it.

As the family gained a noble stature, they would go on to have considerable influence in local organisations, hold considerable lands of property, and serve as local government officials during the 16th century.

In modern times, there are a variety of different interpretations of the name Heckmair. Many people associate it with bravery and loyalty, while most perceive it to be more of an ornamental name. Others believe that the name has linkages to nature, signifying the importance of hedge protection and more.

At the end of the day, the name Heckmair is a reflection of resilience, hard work and ambition of a powerful family who has been around for hundreds of years.

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Heckmair: Where does the name Heckmair come from?

The last name Heckmair is primarily found in the German-speaking countries of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. There is also a presence of the name in countries such as the United States, Canada, Argentina, Australia, and New Zealand, where it has been taken by immigrants from German-speaking countries. According to recent statistics from Germany, the last name Heckmair is among the top 500 most common surnames.

In the United States, the surname Heckmair is most commonly seen in the Northeastern states, particularly in Pennsylvania, where there are around 1,600 people who share the last name. Other states where this name is popular include Florida, Ohio, California, Texas, and Illinois. The name is also quite prevalent in the Midwest around cities such as Omaha, Lincoln, and Kansas City.

The name Heckmair in Austria also has a presence, with a total of about 500 people having the last name. Those with the name Heckmair are primarily located in the region of Vienna, with some also in Upper Austria and Lower Austria.

The name Heckmair is also present in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. According to recent records, there were approximately 300 people in Canada who shared the last name in 2015. The name is also present in the Down Under countries (Australia and New Zealand). In Australia, the name is most commonly seen in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

Overall, the last name Heckmair is still widely used today, primarily in German-speaking countries, the United States, and some other countries with an immigrant population.

Variations of the surname Heckmair

The Heckmair surname is believed to originate from Germany as a variant of the German Eckmair, meaning ‘edge of the meadow’. The variants and spellings of the name include: Heckmeyer, Heckmeear, Eckmair, Ekmeyer, Eikmair, Ekkmeyer, Ekmair, Hachemeyer, Hackemeyer, Heckmeier, Hegemair, Hegemeer, Hegemer, Hieckmair, Hikmair, Houckmayer, Huckmair, and Mekmair.

In the states, the Heckmair surname most likely stems from the family of Michael Heckmair, who immigrated from Germany in 1848. It is assumed that the family was of the Protestant faith since their hometown was located in the Prince Bishopric of Bamberg, Bavaria which was at the time an area of religious tolerance.

The surname Heckmair is also found in countries like Austria, Switzerland, France, the Czech Republic and Poland. The Czech form of the name is Pecář, while the Polish form is Piekmairek. The French and Swiss counterpart of the surname Heckmair is Hachemaire, while the Austrian form of the name is Hegemair.

Heckmair is considered to be a rather uncommon surname. Over the years, the surname has become slightly altered as it has been passed from generation to generation, but the variations largely remain the same. With that being said, Heckmair is still nevertheless a popular surname in certain parts of the world.

Famous people with the name Heckmair

  • Alexander Heckmair: Alpine climber and mountaineer
  • Mary Heckmair: US journalist and photojournalist
  • Rudolf Heckmair: German composer and songwriter
  • Richard Heckmair: Austrian comic book artist
  • Robert Heckmair: Austrian tennis player
  • Ida Heckmair: Austrian teacher and psychologist
  • Norbert Heckmair: Austrian professor
  • Karl Heckmair: Austrian organist and composer
  • Anna Heckmair: Austrian actress
  • Heinz Heckmair: Austrian mountaineer, skier and mountain guide

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