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Surname Hedrick - Meaning and Origin

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Hedrick: What does the surname Hedrick mean?

The surname Hedrick is an ancient Anglo-Saxon name that was first used by a family that lived in the district of North Riding in Yorkshire, England. The origins of the name are thought to come from the Old English personal name "Heard-ric" which is a compound of elements meaning ‘hard’ and ‘ruler’. In Old English a ‘ric’ or ruler could be either a political or feudal ruler, or the head of a tribe or family.

The Hedrick family were descended from the Anglo-Saxon tribes that left their mark on history in the British Isles. This name was found more commonly in the northern part of the country as a result of the subdivision of property and settlement of families in counties like Lancashire and Yorkshire.

Many Hedricks have made significant contributions in the fields of business, the arts, and public service. In the 18th century, Edward Hedrick was an expert in mathematics and the correlation of numerical values, producing several notable works. In the 19th century, William and Sarah Hedrick provided remarkable contributions to the art world, with exhibitions and gallery displays of their work.

Today, the surname Hedrick is still fondly carried by many people around the world. It has become a symbol of great strength, determination, and courage, and stands to represent the pioneering spirit of England’s ancient past.

Hedrick: Where does the name Hedrick come from?

The last name Hedrick is most often found today in the United States and Canada. Hedrick is a relatively common last name, especially in the Southeast and Northeast United States. It is believed to have originated in Germany, and the spelling of the name has changed over the years.

In the United States, Pennsylvania has the highest population of people with the last name Hedrick, followed closely by Virginia and Ohio. Hedrick is also significantly represented in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, New York, and Maryland. In 2020, the United States was home to over 10,000 individuals with the Hedrick surname.

In Canada, the last name Hedrick can be found mainly in Ontario and British Columbia. It is estimated that there are about 1,000 individuals with the last name Hedrick in Canada.

In addition to the United States and Canada, individuals with the last name Hedrick can be found in the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, and other parts of the world.

Variations of the surname Hedrick

The surname Hedrick (also spelled Hedrick, Hedrik, or Hederich) is a German and Dutch surname derived from the personal male given name Heiarād or Hadirād. The earliest records of this surname in Europe date back to the 13th century when a man named Henry Heiarad was mentioned in documents in Stuttgart, Germany.

The earliest variation of the spelling is Heiarād. This evolved into Hederich in the Middle Ages. In the modern era, the spelling of the surname underwent further variations to become Hedrick, Hedrik, or Hedrich.

The surname is also commonly found in different parts of the U.S. and Canada, particularly amongst German and Dutch immigrants who settled there. In the U.S., the surname is often seen spelled as Haederich, Haederick, Heederick, Hedric, Hedrick, Hedricky, Heddrich, Heddrichi, Heddricks, Hederich, Hederick, Herdrich, and Herdricks. In Canada, the surname is usually found spelled as Haederick, Heederic, Heederick, Heddric, Hedric, Hedrick, Hedricke, Hederic, Hederick, Herderick, or Herdric.

Due to the many variations in spelling, it is often difficult to connect individuals with the same surname. The variants of the top five spellings for the surname Hedrick include Hedrick, Hederich, Hedrik, Haederick, and Heederick. Variants of the surname can also include other, less common spellings such as Heederic, Heederick, Heddric, Hedric, Hedricke, Hederic, Hederick, Herderick, or Herdric.

Famous people with the name Hedrick

  • Karen Hedrick: Olympic Gold Medalist in athletics (1500-meter race)
  • Kaleb Hedrick: Professional MMA fighter
  • Seth Hedrick: Played Division I college football at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Lane Hedrick: NCAA Division III % college football at Centre College
  • Kaylee Hedrick: Playing Division I soccer at the University of Minnesota
  • Taylor Hedrick: Professional surfer
  • William Hedrick: Established the Hedrick's Petroleum Company in 1883
  • Lindsey Hedrick: Professional tennis player
  • Graham Hedrick: Professor of Applied Ethics at Austin College
  • Jason Hedrick: Award-winning screenwriter
  • Ryan Hedrick: Actor, best known for his roles in the television series O!, The Secret Circle and To the Finish Line
  • Kent Hedrick: Prosecuting Attorney for Pierce County, Washington
  • Gigi Hedrick: Professional dancer and singer
  • Dena Hedrick: Professional Actress, best known for her appearances in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
  • Paul Hedrick: Grammy-winning record producer

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