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Surname Heitman - Meaning and Origin

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Heitman: What does the surname Heitman mean?

The last name Heitman is German in origin. It is derived from the German word "heit," meaning "courageous, brave and bold," and "mann," meaning "man."

The earliest occurrence of the name would have been in feudal Germany, when it would have been used as a title given to an individual or family in recognition of their bravery and courage demonstrated in battle or in their daily life. This would have been a reward or recognition which could be passed down from generation to generation. Earlier records of the name suggest that the original Heitman was a Magistrate or Ruler of a territory.

The earliest known example of the name is located in Hessen, located on the south-west side of what is now Germany. Heitman is believed to be one of the oldest family names in that region and has become relatively common in the area and surrounding areas, such as Rheinland and Nordrhein-Westfalen.

The Heitman family is now spread across the world, with Germany, the United States and Australia particularly populated by the surname. It remains a proud indicator of courage, strength and integrity throughout the generations.

Heitman: Where does the name Heitman come from?

The last name Heitman is most commonly seen in parts of Germany and the Netherlands today. Heitman was an uncommon Dutch surname derived from the given name Harbert, which is an early Germanic name composed of the elements hari (army) and berht (bright).

The surname Heitman first appeared in records in the German region of the Rhineland during the 12th Century. The Heitmans were associated with many cities and towns throughout the region during the Middle Ages, particularly in the present-day states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, and Saxony-Anhalt.

From its original roots in the Rhineland, the Heitman name spread to the Netherlands, where it has become quite common in recent generations. Today, the Heitman family is particularly concentrated in the provinces of Gelderland, Overijssel, and Utrecht, with smaller numbers in neighboring provinces.

Outside of Germany and the Netherlands, the last name Heitman can also be found in the United States. Records indicate that the first Heitman to arrive in North America was Hermann Heinzman, who settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1739. Since that time, the family name has spread throughout the United States, with particularly large numbers in California, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Texas.

In conclusion, the last name Heitman is most commonly found in parts of Germany and the Netherlands today, with smaller numbers in the United States.

Variations of the surname Heitman

The surname Heitman is an occupational name which indicates that a person belongs to the profession of a captain. The traditional spelling of the surname has been Heitmann, Heitman, Heitmon, Heitmen and Heitmons but the spellings of this surname are no longer in use. Other spellings that have been used in the past are Heitmans, Heitmonds, Heitmand, Heitmann, Heitmun, Heitmunn, Heitmening, Heitmings and Heitmenings.

In the United States of America, this surname is widely found and is spelled as Heitman. In the Netherlands, the same surname is spelt as Heitmann. Other spellings of the name Heitman include Heitmen, Heitmann, Heitmannn, Heitmenen, Heitmonn, Heitmonsen, Hietman, Hetman, Hitman, Hyten, Hietmann, Hietmans, Hietemon and Heteman.

The name Heitman is found mainly in Netherlands and the United States and it is of German origin. In Germany, the surname Heitman is found as Hetman, Hyten, Hietman, Hietmann, and Heydemann. The origin of the Heitman stems from a habitation known as coded Haideman. The German Heitman is derived from the Low German word "heid" meaning "form".

In Russia and Ukraine, the surname Heitman is spelled as Gaitman, which is a corruption of the original German name Heitman. Other variants of this name include Heimans, Haymans, Haimann, Haymons, Haigmans, Hymanns and Heyanton. In Denmark, the Heitman surname is found as Hedemann and in Sweden it is spelt as Heidemann.

In general, the Heitman family is of German origin. The spellings and surnames of this name vary in various countries due to the influence of different languages, but the origin remains the same.

Famous people with the name Heitman

  • Scott Heitman: NFL defensive end
  • Gordon Heitman: American politician
  • Bruce Heitman: Senior Vice President of Skyline Technologies
  • Chris Heitman: U.S. Chief Technology Officer
  • David Heitman: President of C & T Construction
  • John Heitman: American politicican
  • Matt Heitman: Country Singer
  • Jim Heitman: American film actor
  • Jamie Heitman: Professional basketball player
  • William Heitman: American Major General
  • Rob Heitman: Singer songwriter
  • Jimmy Heitman: NFL defensive end
  • Kelly Heitman: Actor and Artist
  • Chris Heitman: General manager and Partner of Breakthrough Funding
  • Michael Heitman: Professional drummer

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