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Surname Hendrickson - Meaning and Origin

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Hendrickson: What does the surname Hendrickson mean?

The surname Hendrickson is of patronymic origin, derived from the personal name of a male ancestor. Specific to the Dutch and Scandinavian regions, it literally means "son of Hendrik" or "son of Henry". The name Hendrik is a Dutch form of Henry, a name of Germanic origin derived from the words 'heim' which means 'home' and 'ric' which means 'power' or 'ruler'. Thus, some interpret the surname Hendrickson as 'son of the home ruler'. Over time, names like these have become family names and are passed down through generations. As such, they have also spread to English and other languages, particularly in places where Dutch and Scandinavian cultures have had an influence. It's common to see variations in the spelling, including Hendriksen, Hendrickx, or Hendriks.

Hendrickson: Where does the name Hendrickson come from?

The surname Hendrickson is of patronymic origin, deriving from the personal name of a patriarch. It is a compound of two elements "Hendrick" and "son". "Hendrick" is a Dutch, English, and Germanic variant of "Henry", which means "home-ruler". The suffix "son" denotes "son of". Thus, the literal translation becomes "son of Hendrick" or "son of Henry".

Originating from North Europe, this surname is most common in Scandinavian countries, particularly in Sweden. However, it is also prevalent within English-speaking countries, especially in the United States due to significant Scandinavian immigration during the 19th and early 20th centuries. It is, therefore, common today in regions where Scandinavian descendants are numerous, such as the Midwest and Northeast states in the United States. The name can be found in various spellings including Hendrikson, Hendriksen, and Hendrickx depending on the country's language and cultural adaptations.

Variations of the surname Hendrickson

The surname Hendrickson, of Scandinavian origin, has several variations and alternative spellings. The name itself is a patronymic form, meaning "son of Hendrick". Some of these alternative spellings include Hendricksen, Hendriksen, and Henriksen.

In addition to these, the name Hendrickson also connects to other surnames that have evolved from "Hendrick". These included Hendricks, Hendrix, Hendrick, Henrickson, and Henriksson. Moreover, there are additional surnames related to these, including variants like Hendries and Hendrie.

Furthermore, due to the variety of languages and cultures in Europe, the surname Hendrickson can connect to similar names from other countries. For instance, in Dutch, you might see "Hendriks," and in German, you will find "Heinrichs" or "Heinrichsen". Similarly, in Denmark, the name could be "Hendriksen" or "Henriksen". These names all echo back to the same root of "Hendrick", meaning ruler of the home.

Bearing in mind some historical shifts and changes in spelling patterns over time due to geography, migration, and even simple transcription errors, one can find a broad variety of surnames that originated from Hendrickson.

Famous people with the name Hendrickson

  • Matt Hendrickson: American former competitive figure skater.
  • Mattias Marklund: Swedish professional hockey player.
  • Agnetha Faltskog: Swedish pop singer best known as a former member of the band ABBA.
  • Steve Hendrickson: American former professional basketball player.
  • John Hendrickson: American football coach.
  • Paul Hendrickson: American journalist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author.
  • Nathan Hendrickson: Australian professional water polo player.
  • Alan Hendrickson: American filmmaker, director, and cinematographer.
  • Heidi Hendrickson: American former professional tennis player.
  • Abbey Hendrickson: American professional wrestler.

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