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Surname Heppel - Meaning and Origin

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Heppel: What does the surname Heppel mean?

The last name Heppel is of German origin, originating from the given name "Hebel", meaning hailstone or hammernail derived from the Old German ‘heben’, meaning ‘to lift’ or pledge. In the medieval period, given names were bestowed upon individuals to distinguish one from the other, and typically followed a patronymic naming system. In some cases, surnames derived from the name of an ancestor’s occupation, such as Heppel.

Heppel is found mainly in the north and central regions of Germany, and is generally pronounced with a soft 'h' sound. It is also found in other countries, such as the United States, Australia, and England.

The surname Heppel has many variations, including Heebel, Hebel, Heppelmann, Hepple, Heiple, and Hebeler. It has also been spelled variously throughout the centuries, such as Heba, Heb, Hebbel, Heble, Hebl, Hepl, Heplen, Heban, Heppler and Heber.

In a historical context, the Heppel name appears as a first-name form in documents as early as 1225 in a Swiss region-‘Werneri Hebelen’. Later on, in 1320 in the city of Freiberg in Bavaria, ‘Henne Hebelen’ appears as a witness to a deed.

The Heppel last name is often seen in records until the 1800s in Germany, with a variety of different spellings. Heppel is still a common German last name today, and can be found worldwide, in many forms.

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Heppel: Where does the name Heppel come from?

The surname Heppel is most common in northern Germany, particularly in the state of Lower Saxony. Outside Germany, it is most common in countries such as the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, and Slovakia. In the United Kingdom, the Heppel surname is found mainly in Lancashire, Yorkshire, and south eastern England, as well as in North America.

The origin of the Heppel surname is not specific, although some researchers believe it is derived from a Germanic personal name beginning with the elements "hep" or "hip," meaning one who captures or holds - hence, a hunter or a tenant farmer. Others research suggests the name is derived from the French words "Hippo" or "Heppos," meaning shoulder.

The earliest known mentions of the name Heppel in Germany dates back to the 15th and 16th century, when church records list Eberhard der Heppel (1431) and Johann Hebel (1585).

Today, Heppel is still a popular surname, particularly in northern Germany, although it is not as common as it used to be. It is also found in other countries around the world, suggesting it has spread across borders through migration and immigration throughout the years.

Variations of the surname Heppel

The Heppel surname has multiple variants, spellings, and names with the same origin. It is an anglicized spelling of the German surname “HAPPEL”, which is derived from the Middle High German word “happen,” meaning “noble, dejected”.

The variants and spellings of the name are HAPPEL, HAPPLE, HÁPPL, HEBEL, HEBL, HEPEL, HIPEL, HOBEL, BÓPLE, and HOPPEL.

The Heppel surname is also found in other cultures and countries, often with slight variations. Some of the surnames are HAPPL in Austria, HABEL in Switzerland, HAPEL and HOPEL in Germany, HEPLE in Denmark, HOPPEL in Sweden, HÓBEL in Hungary, HABEL in Poland, BOPL in Ukraine, HOPEL in Romania, HAPEL in Norway, and HAPPEL in France.

The Heppel surname is also found in the United States. The earliest known immigrant to arrive with the Heppel spelling was George Heppel, who arrived from Germany in 1679.

Heppel is also used as a given name, found mainly in German speaking countries. It is derived from the German word “heppen” meaning “to strive for success”.

Famous people with the name Heppel

  • Lillian Heppel: British footballer who plays for Sunderland Women.
  • John Heppel: Award winning Australian poet and author.
  • Alfred Heppel: German composer and pianist who wrote for films, theatre, and concert music.
  • Matthew Heppel: New York-based artist and sculptor.
  • Robert Heppel: American politician and military officer.
  • Keith Heppel: British lawyer specializing in international dispute resolution.
  • Thomas Heppel: American Civil War soldier from Pennsylvania.
  • Lewis Heppel: American professional golfer.
  • Brian Heppel: Canadian businessman and real estate developer.
  • William Heppel: Australian inventor and mining engineer.

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