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Surname Hepple - Meaning and Origin

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Hepple: What does the surname Hepple mean?

The last name Hepple is an Anglo-Saxon name with Germanic origins. It is believed to have derived from the Old English word "hapel," which means "worker of hay" or "farmer." The suffix "-le," which indicated a diminutive form, was added to the beginning of the word.

Hepple literally translates to “one who works with hay.” This indicates that the original bearers of the name were likely to have been farmers. The tradition of the surname is still most commonly found in rural farming regions, such as the English shires, and in Germany and Scandinavia.

The Hepple surname has a long and varied history. It has in fact been recorded in surviving documents as far back as 1220, when an Alfred Hepple was recorded as a witness in a land transaction. In more recent history, the Hepple family held a strong presence in the area of Berwick, Northumberland, during the 19th century.

Today, the surname Hepple remains a popular one in Britain and the United States. It continues to be associated with the rural agricultural community and farming is still the main profession of those who carry the name.

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Hepple: Where does the name Hepple come from?

The last name Hepple is most commonly found in the United Kingdom. The name originated in Durham, England and appears in Scotland and Ireland as well. Most Hepples in the modern day are descended from the original Hepple family of Durham, although some other families adopted the Hepple name as well.

In England, the Hepple family originated from a village called Hepple, located in Northumberland. The current population of about 1,700 is made up of mostly descendants of the Hepple family, and the vast majority of these descendants are surnamed Hepple.

In Scotland, the Hepple name is found mostly in the cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Dundee. There is no central Hepple enclave in Scotland; rather, there are several scattered Hepples scattered throughout the country’s various cities and towns.

Ireland is home to the largest population of Hepples. The name is most common in the counties of Dublin, Limerick, Galway, and Sligo.

In the United States, Hepple is by no means a common surname. The name has no significant concentration outside of a few states, such as New Jersey and California.

Because of its origin in England, the name Hepple remains more common in the UK than elsewhere.

Variations of the surname Hepple

The surname Hepple is of English origin, and is derived from a nickname meaning 'a high hill'. It is derived from a combination of the Old English words 'heah' (high) and 'hylle' (hill). Variations of the surname Hepple can include Heple, Hipple, Heppell, Happle, Hopple, Hebbel, Heble and Hebleth.

One of the earliest records of the Hepple surname in England is that of Robert Heppelle in the Subsidy Rolls of 1327 A.D. in Yorkshire. The name then spread across the country, and an Alexander Hepple was recorded in London in 1606. By the 19th century throughout England, people with the Hepple surname could mainly be found in Northumberland, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire and Durham.

Spelling variants of Hepple can range from Highpile, Hypell and Hyppil to Hebbyll and Hible. The name may also have become accidentally corrupted over time to Heppler, Harper, Heber and Hibberd.

In the United States, the Hepple name is most commonly found tracing roots to Immigrants from England and Scotland. Some of the other surname spellings of Hepple that have been found in the United States are Hupele, Huppel, Hupple and Heppler.

In Scotland, the Hepple surname is derived from the Old English 'heah' (high) and 'hylle' (hill). The most common variations in Scotland are Hupele, Hopill, Haypill, Haypel, Hebbile and Hupell.

The Hepple surname appears to have spread to many parts of the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and Europe. Spelling variants include Hopil, Oppel, Opple, Hople, Hopley and Hoplay.

With so many spelling variations, the Hepple surname is an interesting one to trace and explore.

Famous people with the name Hepple

  • Ron Hepple: British sprinter
  • Helen Hepple: British curler
  • David Hepple: English actor
  • Vivien Hepple: British actress
  • Peter Hepple: British mountain climber
  • Sir Peter Hepple: Distinguished judge in the British court of appeal
  • Stanley Hepple: Doctor and British pathologist
  • Mark Hepple: British equestrian showjumper
  • Beth Hepple: English footballer
  • Pat Hepple: British speed skater

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