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Surname Herrera - Meaning and Origin

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Herrera: What does the surname Herrera mean?

Herrera is a Spanish surname, which is derived from the Spanish word 'herrería', meaning 'blacksmith's shop'. Therefore, Herrera generally denotes 'a blacksmith' or 'one who works with iron'. It's an occupational surname given to people whose ancestors were likely involved in ironworks. The name has its origin in the northern part of Spain, particularly in the Basque region, although it expanded to several Spanish-speaking countries worldwide. Additionally, Herrera is also a common geographical surname in Spain, often used to identify individuals from towns such as Herrera de Alcantara, Herrera de Pisuerga, or Herrera de Ibio. The coat of arms associated with the surname typically depicts a blacksmith's tools, further emphasizing the name's occupational origin.

Herrera: Where does the name Herrera come from?

The surname Herrera is Spanish in origin, deriving from a occupation-based source. It is derived from the Spanish word "herrero," meaning a "blacksmith," and was likely first used by someone whose occupation was a blacksmith. This surname would have originally been patronymic or metronymic, pointing to an individual as the "son of the blacksmith" or "of the blacksmith's family."

Today, the surname Herrera is widespread throughout Spain and Latin American countries due to the legacy of Spanish colonialization. It's a common surname in many Latin American countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and Chile. Additionally, due to immigration from these regions, it is also fairly common in the United States, especially in states with a significant Hispanic or Latino community such as Texas, California, New Mexico, and Florida. It is also commonly used in the Philippines, which also has a history of Spanish colonialization. The surname's popularity in these regions is a testament to the historical mobility of Spanish-speaking peoples.

Variations of the surname Herrera

The surname Herrera has its origin from Spain and it was derived from the occupation of a blacksmith or a small farmer. This surname might also refer to a person who lived in a place named Herrera. This occupational and habitation name is very common in Spanish-speaking countries. Variants of the surname include Herrero, Ferrera, Ferrero, Ferreira, and LaFerriere - the last two being Portuguese and French variants, commonly found in Portugal and France respectively.

These can also be seen with the Spanish honorific "de" in front, indicating something similar to "of the blacksmith" locations or professions, for example, De Herrera or De Herrero. Double barreled surnames can also exist, such as Herrera Estevez or Herrero Gonzalez. In some regions, a matronymic version can be identified with an "-a" or "-as" termination, such as Herreras.

Due to emigration and the influence of other languages, spelling deviations such as Errera, Herrerra, Herera, or Kherera could potentially exist in non-Spanish-speaking countries. However, "Herrera" remains the most accepted and popular form globally.

Famous people with the name Herrera

  • Luis Alberto Herrera (1954–present); Former President of Honduras
  • Yuliett Torres Herrera (1986–present); Venezuelan actress
  • Carlos Valderrama Herrera (1961–present); Colombian former footballer
  • Augusto Rafael Herrera (1855–1927); Salvadoran army general
  • Maria Carolina Herrera (1948–present); Venezuelan fashion designer
  • Bruce Herrera (1970–present); American former Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Andres Herrera (1937–present); Spanish actor
  • Gerardo Herrera (1959–present); Mexican former professional footballer
  • Nelson Herrera (1977–present); Venezuelan professional boxer
  • Edgar Luis Herrera (1992–present); Venezuelan professional racing cyclist

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