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Surname Hert - Meaning and Origin

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Hert: What does the surname Hert mean?

The last name Hert is of Germanic origin. The name is derived from the German word ‘herz’ which can be translated to mean ‘heart.’ It is thought that the name originally referred to a descendant of someone with a kind or generous heart or else a person motivated by strong feelings or passions.

In ancient times, the name was used to refer to strength, courage, and loyalty as well as someone who was directly related to a noble or a leader. This is why those who carried the name were usually granted high status and recognition of some kind.

The Hert surname is seen in several countries in Europe, most notably Germany, where it is still quite common to this day. It is also popular in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, and the Czech Republic.

In the United States, the name was first brought to the country by German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New York during the 18th and 19th centuries. Over time, its popularity began to spread to other parts of the country and today the name is found all over the United States.

The surname Hert continues to be a popular naming choice for many today. It symbolizes strength, courage, loyalty, and a generous spirit, making it an ideal choice for those looking to make a lasting impression.

Hert: Where does the name Hert come from?

The last name Hert is most commonly found in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. According to, it is most commonly seen in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate which is located in south-western Germany near the borders of France, Luxembourg, and Belgium. The name is of German origin and is derived from the Old High German word “herti” which means “lord or master”.

In Germany, this last name is most frequent in the Rhineland-Palatinate state followed by Bavaria, Lower Saxony, and North Rhine-Westphalia. In Austria, it is most common in the states of Vienna and Lower Austria. In Switzerland, it is most frequently seen in the eastern region of Switzerland as well as in the canton of Valais.

In terms of population, the last name Hert is estimated to be between 6,000-8,000 people worldwide.14 percent of those people are thought to be living in Germany and approximately 7 percent are living in Austria.

The last name Hert is also found in other countries around the world including the Netherlands, Belgium, the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Despite the few people who carry the last name, it stands as a symbol of honor and loyalty to ancestors throughout its history.

Variations of the surname Hert

The surname Hert is of German origin and can be spelled differently according to region. Its variants include Hart, Hertt, Huert, Hurt, Herrt, Hearrt, and Hurrt.

Hart is the most common spelling, with roots in Old German. The name translated to “brave or strong” or “hardy,” symbolizing strength and courage.

Hertt is an Old English spelling, generally found in northern England and Scotland.

Huert is the ancestor of the surname today, often seen in Spain and Portugal. This version is believed to have transformed from Hirt, a Teutonic (Germanic) word meaning “shepherd.”

Hurt is an Americanized version of the Germanic surname, found primarily in the midwestern United States.

Herrt is a German variant, and comes from an old word meaning “lord” or “master.”

Hearrt and Hurrt are diminutive versions of the German surname, meaning “littleHart.” These variants are seen in parts of southern Germany.

The variants of the Hert surname all share a common origin, either in Germany or in other countries where German has had an influence. DNA testing can help confirm that individuals with the same last names but different spellings, are actually part of the same genetic line.

Famous people with the name Hert

  • John Hert: A former NBA referee, he was a referee for a total of 27 seasons and officiated 2,163 regular season games and 422 playoffs games.
  • Benjamin Hertzberg: An American rabbi and author, involved in multiple Jewish causes, and was appointed Executive Vice President of the Jewish Federations of North America. 3.Isabella Hert: A British actress and singer, she is best known for her roles in the films Grease, Flashdance, and The Vs.
  • Arianne Hertz: An Israeli actress, she is best known for her roles in the TV series The Comedians, Werewolf Wars, and No.
  • Jana Hert: A Czech architect and author, she is known for her work in designing and redefining public spaces in Prague and other Czech cities.
  • Tanya Hert: An American folk singer and songwriter, her music is heavily inspired by folk, old-school country, and Americana styles.
  • Steve Hertz: An American pro-athlete and multi-sport athlete, he is most known for his time playing in the NFL for the Buffalo Bills.
  • Marlana Hert: An American stage, movie, and television actress, she is best known for her roles in the TV series NCIS and Private Practice.
  • Molly Hert: An actress, writer, and producer, she is most known for her work in the web series The Singles Table.
  • Jakob Hert: A German classical composer and conductor, he is best known for composing contemporary operas, concert pieces, and musicals.

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