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Surname Hewatt - Meaning and Origin

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Hewatt: What does the surname Hewatt mean?

The surname Hewatt is Scottish in origin and is believed to have derived from the pre 7th century Old English given name "Hewe," which means "heart" or "spirit." It is also considered a variant of the surname Hewit, again related to the Old English word "hiewett" meaning a land of high value. The surname was first recorded in the 12th century in Northumberland, England. Notably, there may be a connection to places in Scotland, such as Hewatstown or Hewats Mill. Like many surnames, it has evolved over centuries and has different spellings, including Hewitt, Hewett, Hewat, and Huett. Surnames like Hewatt were often used to identify people by their profession or geographical location. Despite these variations and origins, the exact meaning of the surname might differ within families due to its historical and personal developments.

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Hewatt: Where does the name Hewatt come from?

The surname Hewatt is of Scottish origin, and is particularly traced back to the region of Berwickshire. Hewatt is derived from the Old English personal name Hugeweard, which means heart-brave. This name consists of two elements: "hugh", meaning heart or spirit, and "weard", which refers to guard or protection.

Migration over centuries means the name has spread worldwide, however, it remains most common in Scotland and in countries heavily populated by Scottish emigrants. These include the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The name may occasionally be found around the British Isles as well due to the historic movement of people within the UK. It remains relatively rare universally and is not among the most common Scottish surnames. Repetitions of the name can also be found in various forms or spelling variations such as Hewit, Hewett, and Hewitson, among others.

Variations of the surname Hewatt

The surname Hewatt has some variants and closely related surnames that are most likely derived from the same or a similar origin. These include Hewitt, Hewett, Huet, Hewart, Huett, Hewat, Huit, Huiet, Huyett, and Hewlett.

The surnames mentioned are believed to be derived from the old English personal name "Hugheard", which later transformed into "Hughard" or "Heward" during the Middle Ages. The name "Hugheard" itself is a combination of two elements: "hug", which means heart or spirit, and "hard", meaning hardy or brave.

However, like many old surnames, the spelling has changed over centuries due to different pronunciation, translation errors, and evolution of languages. For example, the names Hewett and Hewitt are seen more commonly in England, while in Scotland, the variations Hewat and Hewart are often found.

The surname Hewatt and its variants are not very common and can be found mostly in Scotland, England, Ireland and subsequently in countries where people from these nations emigrated such as United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Famous people with the name Hewatt

  • Rob Hewatt: retired professional boxer from Scotland
  • Robert Hewatt: writer, artist and lecturer from Australia
  • Eric Hewatt: former NHL hockey player, most notably known for his time with the Detroit Red Wings
  • Lachlan Hewatt: UK based musician and composer
  • Ross Hewatt: Scottish professional footballer
  • Barb Hewatt: award winning sculptor and painter, based in New Zealand
  • Johnny Hewatt: English blogger, sports journalist and former TV presenter
  • Sam Hewatt: British actor, best known for his roles in The Bill and Casualty
  • Jane Hewatt: well known British author of mystery and suspense novels
  • David Hewatt: Scottish composer, musician and producer who has worked on projects for the BBC and ITV

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