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Surname Hewes - Meaning and Origin

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Hewes: What does the surname Hewes mean?

The surname Hewes is of Anglo-Saxon origin, derived from the Old English personal name "Huw," which itself is a form of "Hugh." The name Hugh originated from the Germanic "Hugo," which is composed of the element "Hug" meaning "heart," "mind," or "spirit." Therefore, Hewes can be interpreted as "son of Hugh" or "descendant of Hugh." It became popular in England after the Norman conquest in the 11th century. The name is variantly spelled as Hughes, Hews, Huse, and others. As with many surnames that were based on popular forenames, Hewes can be found throughout England and Wales from relatively early times, reflecting the common use of the original given name. Despite its origins, it is important to note that last names do not necessarily offer definitive insights into the bearer's ancestry or heritage as they can change for various reasons over time.

Hewes: Where does the name Hewes come from?

The surname Hewes is primarily of English origin. It is derived from the Old French personal name 'Hue', which was introduced to England by the Normans in the forms 'Hue' or 'Hughe'. The surname also evolved from an occupational name as in 'the son of Hugh' (Hewes). The main concentration of this surname is in the UK, particularly in England and Wales. It is also quite prevalent in the United States.

Historically, famous figures like George Robert Twelves Hewes, an American participant in the Boston Tea Party, carried this last name. Betsey Hamilton Hewes is also a noteworthy figure, known for her contributions as an abstract artist in the United States. Today, the surname Hewes continues to appear in many professional, cultural, and academic fields across the globe.

Variations of the surname Hewes

The surname Hewes is of English origin. It is an anglicised form of the Old French personal name Hughes, which has Germanic roots and is derived from the elements hug, meaning "heart" or "spirit," and eis, meaning "rich."

Several spelling variants of this surname exist. In addition to Hewes, the surname can be spelled as Hughes, Hews, Hues, Huse, and Hughs. The surname Hughes is the most common variation and is considered the modern form. Spelling variations occurred mainly due to inconsistent spelling practices in medieval times.

There are also several surnames that are related through origin and meaning, such as Hue, Hugh, Hugo, Huguenot and others that derive from Hug, a Germanic personal name.

Surnames that are phonetically similar include Hoos, Hoose, and Hoosey.

As the name spread through different regions and countries, it was adapted to local languages and dialects, which resulted in these numerous variations. Keep in mind that despite these variations, each surname shares the same or similar origins.

Famous people with the name Hewes

  • George F. Hewes: American Revolutionary War soldier and participant in the Boston Tea Party.
  • Thomas Hewes: British painter.
  • Thomas Hewes Little: American Founding Father and signer of the United States Constitution.
  • Thomas Hewes Hinckley: American lawyer and political leader.
  • Leslie Hewes: British poet and belief researcher.
  • Harry Hewes: American game show producer.
  • Bill Hewes: American actor and folk singer.
  • William Hewes: American soldier and First World War recipient of the Medal of Honor.
  • Mike Hewes: American television producer and showrunner.
  • John Hewes: American impressionist painter.
  • Victoria Hewes: Canadian operatic soprano.
  • Nick Hewes: New Zealand rugby league player.
  • Robert Hewes: American inventor and electrical engineer.
  • Leon Hewes: British judge.
  • Bruce Hewes: American musician and composer.
  • John D. Hewes: American archaeologist and scholar of Puerto Rican studies.
  • Gary Hewes: Canadian lawyer.
  • Edgardo Hewes: Mexican politician.
  • Abigail Hewes: American sportswriter and baseball historian.
  • Frank Hewes: American filmScore composer.

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