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Surname Hickey - Meaning and Origin

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Hickey: What does the surname Hickey mean?

The last name Hickey is of Irish origin and it is an anglicized form of the Gaelic name “Ó hÍceadh” which translates to "descendant of the healer." The name is derived from a combination of two elements, the initial part “Ó” denotes ‘grandson’ or ‘descendant of’ and the latter element “Íceadh” is presumed to be an altered form of the word "sléibhte", meaning "mountaineer". It is often associated with individuals engaged in a healing profession or a medicinal practitioner. The name is particularly prevalent in counties Clare and Limerick in Ireland. Given its etymological background, carrying the Hickey name might hint at a historic family connection to the medical profession.

Hickey: Where does the name Hickey come from?

The surname Hickey is of Irish origin, derived from the Gaelic version "Ó hÍceadha" or "Ó hÍcidhe," and mainly associated with County Clare and its surrounding regions. The name literally means "descendant of the healer". Ireland was the first nation where the surname was documented, dating back to the 10th century when the Hickeys were a significant family in the Dalcassian tribe, a powerful and respected ancient Irish clan.

In modern times, the Hickey surname is still common in Ireland, particularly in the Munster region. However, due to diaspora, the Hickey surname is also fairly popular in countries where large populations of Irish immigrants settled. These countries include the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The communities within these countries often retain their strong ethnic identities despite being generations removed from their immigrant ancestors, keeping their original family names alive and prevalent. Hence, despite its ancient origins, the surname Hickey remains prevalent in these regions today.

Variations of the surname Hickey

The surname Hickey is of Irish origin, tracing back to the Gaelic name "Ó hÍceadha," which translates to the descendant of the healer. The spelling has undergone considerable variations throughout history and across different geographical locations, resulting in several versions.

Variants of the surname Hickey may include Hickie, Hicky, and O'Hickey. A less common variant, mainly found in the United States, is Hickse.

There are also Anglicized forms of the name such as Higgie or Higgy. The adoption of these versions largely came about during the Great Famine in Ireland (1845-1849), when many Irish people emigrated to English-speaking countries.

It should be noted that other names, while similar sounding, may not be variants of Hickey but rather separate surnames entirely. An example of this could be Hick, which is primarily of English origin rather than Irish.

Remember, the origin and meaning of surnames can be complex and influenced by many factors including migration, local dialects, religious beliefs, and personal or familial significance. For a truly comprehensive understanding of the family name Hickey and its variants, professional genealogical research may be required.

Famous people with the name Hickey

  • Tom Hickey, a professional Australian rules football player.
  • Mark Hickey, an American film producer.
  • John Hickey, a writer and poet from New Jersey.
  • Bill Hickey, an American actor from New York.
  • Christian Hickey, an English professional footballer.
  • Nick Hickey, an American voice actor.
  • Phil Hickey, an Australian film director and producer.
  • Mark Hickey, an Irish comedian and actor.
  • Paddy Hickey, an Irish rugby union player.
  • Sinead Hickey, an Irish singer and songwriter.
  • Rosemary Hickey, an American soprano and stage actor.
  • Tom Hickey, a former Canadian Member of Parliament.
  • Jim Hickey, a former Major League Baseball pitcher.
  • Michael Hickey, an Irish hurler and current manager of the Galway Senior Hurling Team.
  • Patrick Hickey, an Irish Olympic official and former president of the Olympic Council of Ireland.
  • Sean Hickey, an American professional mixed martial artist.
  • Kristopher Hickey, an American former professional baseball player.
  • Norma Hickey, an Australian painter.
  • Jamie Hickey, an Irish professional footballer.
  • David Hickey, a British entrepreneur and technology investor.

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