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Surname Hickmer - Meaning and Origin

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Hickmer: What does the surname Hickmer mean?

The last name Hickmer is believed to be of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is thought to have derived from the Old English pre-7th Century surname ‘Hichelm’, which is believed to be a personal name, from the words ‘hicg’, meaning 'high' or 'tall', and ‘helm’, which means 'helmet'.

The name is thought to have been used as a nickname for someone who was very tall, or for someone who wore a tall helmet. Variations in the spelling of the name, thought to be due to dialect and accent differences, include Hickmore, Hickmor and Hackmore.

Records show that the name was present in England since at least the 13th Century, with a Matthew Hickmore recorded in Norfolk in 1273. In addition, the Hundred Rolls of 1273 show a Gilbert Hichelm in Cambridgeshire, and a John Hichelm in Somerset.

The 1881 census of England and Wales found 482 individuals with the Hickmer surname. The vast majority of them (72%) lived in the county of Devon.

People with the Hickmer surname have been linked to many notable events throughout the centuries. One person with the name, Owen Hickmer, was a creator of English maritime maps in the 19th Century. Another, Ivy Hickmer, was a member of an ambulance crew which was credited for saving the lives of many British servicemen in the First World War.

Hickmer: Where does the name Hickmer come from?

The last name Hickmer seems to be of German origin, however, it's quite rare and not a lot of specific information is easily available about it. Names ending in "mer" in the German language often imply a connection to an occupation, but there's no clear profession linked with Hickmer. The first part, “Hick,” could possibly be a variant of another German name, or perhaps a nickname but this is just speculative.

Today, the surname Hickmer is not common anywhere. It can occasionally be encountered in the United States, but even there it doesn't appear to be widespread. The lower prevalence of this name might suggest that the people with the "Hickmer" surname is scattered around the world, with no particular concentration in any specific location. The rarity of the surname could be the result of numerous factors such as migration, name changes, or limited progeny.

Variations of the surname Hickmer

The surname Hickmer seems to be very rare and it's difficult to find several variants and spellings directly linked to it. However, its structure suggests possible links or confusion with some other surnames, especially those of German origin.

One potential related surname is Heckman or Heckmann, which is more common and has variants including Heck, Heckman, Heckemann, Hockman, and Heckmair. These are all German surnames, and mean "brave man" or "man of valor" in old Germanic.

There may also be some connection to the English surname Hickman, which is originally from the medieval given name Hick, a pet form of Richard. Variants include Hick, Hickman, Hickmans, Higman, and Hickmon.

The surname Hickmott and its variants Hickmet, Hickmott, and Hickmot are also of English origin, derived from the name Hick and the diminutive suffix "-mott."

The British surname Hiker could have similar spellings such as Hicker or Hyker.

Please note that these are educated suggestions based on the linguistic structure of the names and general knowledge of surname derivations. Specific genealogical research would be required to definitively link these surnames.

Famous people with the name Hickmer

  • Cinera Hickmer: American professional basketball player
  • Hesba Faye Hickmer: author, historian, public speaker
  • P.J. Hickmer: British racing cyclist
  • Dick Hickmer: American professional baseball player
  • Mark Hickmer: American professional baseball player
  • Emily Hickmer: American author
  • Jackson Hickmer: American songwriter
  • Rick Hickmer: American professional race car driver
  • Jessie Hickmer: Singer, actor, and writer
  • Billy Hickmer: American Professional soccer player

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