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Surname Hillard - Meaning and Origin

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Hillard: What does the surname Hillard mean?

The surname Hillard has English origins and can be traced back to the period before the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. It is a locational surname derived from Old English elements like "hyll", meaning a hill and "worth", meaning a farm or an enclosure, thus essentially meaning "the farm or settlement on a hill". It could also indicate a person who lived or worked on a hill.

The name might have also derived from Old German and Old English personal given names like Hildiard, Hilliard, originally Hildehard, composed of elements 'hild' (struggle) and 'hard' (hardy, brave, strong).

Variants of the name include Hilliard, Hillyer, Hilier, Hillar, and Hildyard. The surname Hillard spread over time to different regions in England and later migrated to other English-speaking countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia due to economic opportunities.

Bearers of the surname Hillard would have carried the name as an identifier linked to their geographical origin, occupation, or possibly a notable ancestor. Its meaning today is primarily just familial affiliation.

Hillard: Where does the name Hillard come from?

The surname Hillard is of English origin and primarily derived from an Old English personal name, Hildheard, a compound of the elements "hild", meaning battle, and "heard", meaning brave, hardy, or strong. Its meanings signify 'battle strong' or 'battle brave'. It is believed that the surname was brought during the Norman conquest of England in 1066 and gained popularity in Medieval England.

The Hillard surname has subsequently spread to other English-speaking countries including the United States, Australia, and Canada following waves of emigration. Variations of the name, such as Hilliard, Hillyard, Hillardt, or Hillyer, are also found in these countries. Hillard is also fairly common in Ireland due to English immigration during the time of the British Empire.

According to surname distribution data, the Hillard surname is most common today in the United States, with a significant concentration in Missouri. Additionally, it is somewhat prevalent in the United Kingdom, particularly in Greater London and surrounding areas. In Australia and Canada, it is less common, but still recognized.

Variations of the surname Hillard

The surname Hillard has a few variations and spellings that derive from the same origin. Some of these include Hilliard, Hillyard, Hillardt, Hilard, Hyllard, Hylliard, and Hillart. These variations usually came about due to phonetic interpretations or misspellings in historical records.

Hillard is a surname of English origin and is primarily found in the United States, England, Canada, and Australia. It evolved from the medieval name Hillary, which is derived from the Latin word "Hilarius," meaning cheerful or merry. The surname over time became Hilliard and then in some cases was shortened to Hillard.

Similar surnames of potentially the same origin include Hillery and Hillarie, both varieties of the given name Hillary that evolved into surnames.

It's important to note that the spelling of surnames could be changed over the centuries for many reasons such as immigration, regional dialects, or simply personal preference. Therefore, while these variations are commonly associated with the original surname, there might be cases where families bearing these surnames are not directly related.

Famous people with the name Hillard

  • Catie Hillard: Actress and author
  • Cindy Hillard: Former US gymnast
  • Jari Hillard: Actor and singer
  • Jason Hillard: American rapper
  • Marty Hillard: Musician
  • Mikaela Hillard: Actress
  • Billy Hillard: Former Dutch-American soccer goalkeeper
  • Carman Hillard: Women's basketball player
  • David Hillard: Former Air Force Officer and NASA director
  • Justin Hilliard: Current NFL player
  • Ken Hilliard: Playboy Playmate, actress and model
  • Maurice Hilliard: Former NFL player
  • Nathan Hilliard: NBA player
  • B. J. Hilliard: High school basketball coach
  • Bill Hillard: Actor
  • Shaun Hilliard: Musician
  • Pat Hilliard: Former Player and Coach in Canadian Soccer League
  • Question Mark and the Mysterians (originally Hillard, Majkut, Abrskie, and Martinez): Musicians
  • Arianne Hillard: Beauty queen
  • George Hillard: English Painter

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