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Surname Hinckfoot - Meaning and Origin

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Hinckfoot: What does the surname Hinckfoot mean?

The last name Hinckfoot is an English surname from the Middle Ages. It is believed to have originated in northern England. The name is thought to be derived from a combination of two words - “hinge” and “foot”. Over time the meaning of the name has evolved to mean a man of small stature, someone of shorter than average height or even a countryman.

In the Middle Ages, the name Hinckfoot was among the few surnames that were in widespread use, however it was most common in the counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire. Since that time the family has spread across the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States and even South Africa.

Historically, the Hinckfoot family is said to have descended from an old Anglo-Saxon warrior. He was said to possess the strength of an ox, the height of a mouse and the swiftness of a weasel leading to the name being used to describe men of short stature.

The Hinckfoot name has also been known to carry the connotations of someone who is hardworking, loyal and dependable. It is often associated with someone who is reliable and will go out of their way to help their neighbours.

Overall, the last name Hinckfoot can be said to represent a long-established family with a proud history of loyalty, hard work and dependability.

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Hinckfoot: Where does the name Hinckfoot come from?

The last name Hinckfoot is most commonly found in the United States today. Hinckfoots are concentrated in the Midwest and northern states, including Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Iowa. In the 2020 census, Hinckfoot was the 4,898th most common surname in the United States, with an estimated population of 5,433 individuals.

It also appears that Hinckfoot is a relatively uncommon name in England and the rest of Europe. Hinckfoot is generally concentrated in the northeast region of England, as well as some sparse populations throughout Scotland and Ireland.

The surname Hinckfoot does make an appearance in other countries, too. In particular, the Philippines is home to a significant number of Hinckfoots, the majority being registered in the southern islands of Visayas and Mindanao.

Overall, the last name Hinckfoot primarily exists in the United States today, with much fewer numbers in the rest of the world. With an estimated population of 5,433 individuals in the United States, Hinckfoot is still a relatively rare name in the broader population.

Variations of the surname Hinckfoot

The surname Hinckfoot is an English surname of Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning 'son of Hinck'. It is most commonly found in England, Wales and Scotland, with varying spellings and alternative surnames derived from the original. The most common variant spellings of Hinckfoot are Hinckfote, Hinkfote and Hinckfote. Other recorded spellings in England include Hinckfoote, Henkfote, Henkfoote and Hinkefoot.

Alternative surnames associated with the same root name include Hinkfoot, Hunkfott, Hinckfort, Hinkefort, Hinckman, Henkman, Henkfort, and Hinkfort, as well as variations of each of those surnames.

The earliest record of this name dates back to manorial rolls in Hertfordshire, England, in 1328. In the United States, the Hinckfoot surname was most common in Pennsylvania, and the name has spread to countries around the world including Canada, Australia, and Germany.

The pronunciations of the Hinckfoot surname can also vary depending on where it is spoken. Sometimes, speakers of English will use a long 'e' sound in the middle of the name, while others will use a short 'e' sound. Alternatively, it can also be pronounced "Hink-foot" or "Hin'-foot".

Famous people with the name Hinckfoot

  • Sam Hincksfoot: Australian Comedian and Actor, known for his work in comedy duo Skit Box.
  • John Hincksfoot: Canadian Actor, best known for portrayal of Dr. Fitz in hit medical drama Grey's Anatomy.
  • Emily Hincksfoot: British Singer and Songwriter, known for her popular album, ‘My Words Closely’.
  • Edward Hincksfoot: American Actor who acted in various short films and theatre projects.
  • Ravi Hincksfoot: Indian Screenwriter and Film Director, known for the films ‘The Masked Man’ and ‘Fire Storm’.
  • Jessica Hincksfoot: Australian Actress and Model, popular for her roles in several television series and western films.
  • Abigail Hincksfoot: American Politician from New Hampshire, currently serving as Governor of the state.
  • Rob Hincksfoot: Canadian Ice Hockey Player, member of the NHL Stanley Cup champions, the Toronto Maple Leafs.
  • Emma Hincksfoot: British Violinist, member of the European Union Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • William Hincksfoot: British Actor, best known for his performance in the role of Prince in the popular movie.

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