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Unveiling Hidden Ancestry: A Surprising Viking Connection in the Hoare Family History through iGENEA DNA Test

Family name Hoare

After taking my iGENEA DNA test, I uncovered startling revelations about my surname, Hoare, and its origins. Instead of a straightforward Celtic lineage, my results unveiled deep-seated connections to the uncertain Viking territory. My last name, revealing its Scandinavian roots, led me on an incipient journey of self-discovery, contradicting my family narrative and reshaping my identity in unexpected ways.

From the moment I received my iGENEA DNA test kit, curiosity bristled through my veins. I embarked on the journey, expecting to find just an ordinary, uneventful family history, not unlike everyone else. Little did I know, the test results would leave me on a roller coaster of emotions.

Cracking open my lineage results, immediately, I noticed intriguing elements. To my utter bafflement, deep-rooted in my chart, I discovered Swedish Viking lineage intertwined in the mesh of my Celtic background. No one in my family had ever mentioned Scandinavian relatives - not even an obscure reference in fireside tales. It was a complete untold story, and I was eager to dig deeper.

And so I did. Further analysis transformed my understanding of my Hoare ancestry. It became evident that the name originates from Scandinavia, not the expected Celtic origins. The Hoare name doesn't trace back to Celtic seafarers but traces its roots from the Hårfagre dynasty of Norwegian kings. Hårfagre means the "fair-haired" one," a distinct Viking trait. Unknown to my family and me, we possess astonishing connections to the Nordic regions for countless generations.

To dig more, I embarked on a quest to understand how my forebears ended up in the British Isles. Turns out, the Vikings, including my predecessors, invaded Britain around the 8th and 9th century AD. This era marked a significant cultural and historical turning point, with Viking genes seeping their way into the Celtic gene pool. Although the Vikings did not stay long, they left behind a considerable mark and lineage that would live on.

The iGENEA DNA test serves as a reminder that our history might hide more mystery than we'd expect. My experience has stirred an appetite for more knowledge and exploration—an extraordinary journey into my identity that I never anticipated during that initial cotton swab.

R. Hoare

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