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Surname Hobart - Meaning and Origin

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Hobart: What does the surname Hobart mean?

The surname Hobart is of English origin. It was originated from the medieval personal name, Hob, which is a short form of Robert, and was combined with the diminutive suffix -art. Therefore, it can be interpreted as "son of Robert" or "little Robert". The name Robert itself is of Germanic origin and means "bright fame", so indirectly, Hobart could be endowed with this meaning. The name Hobart started to be used as a surname during the Middle Ages, following the trend of turning personal names into family names. It was popularized in areas where English is widely spoken and is particularly common in the United States and Great Britain. Please note that the meanings of surnames can vary based on cultural and regional differences.

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Hobart: Where does the name Hobart come from?

The last name Hobart is of English origin, specifically rooted in the Old Norse personal name Hrodbeorht, meaning "famous bright". It was brought to England during the era of Viking invasions. The name morphed from Hrodbeorht to Robert, then Robert became Hob and Hob became Hobart along with a suffix 'art'. This surname was first registered in Norfolk, England. Today, the surname Hobart is common in several English-speaking countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. The Isle of Man and Norfolk, England, also have a significant number of people carrying this surname. Despite its global presence, Hobart remains a fairly uncommon name overall.

Variations of the surname Hobart

The surname Hobart has a few variations related to its spelling and origin, primarily from English and Scottish descent. Some of these variations include: Hobert, Hobertt, Hobertte, Hobarte, and Hobat. The surname Hobart can also be linked to the name Hubbard, a variation which is more common in the United States due to emigration and surname changes over time.

Moreover, Hobart is considered a patronymic surname which means it often used to be based on the first name of a patriarch. This tradition has resulted in numerous spelling variations for this surname over centuries. There may have been many global variations to the surname also due to movements of individuals, intermixing cultures, or simple spelling errors in official documents.

Hobard, Hobbart, Hubert, Hobarts, Hobat, Hobar, Hobert are all other possible spelling variations. It is also worth noting that similar sounding surnames like Herbert may get confused with or mis-recorded as Hobart, adding to its variations.

The surname is predominantly found in the United Kingdom, and English-speaking countries like United states, Canada and Australia due to colonization.

Famous people with the name Hobart

  • Harry Hobart: Hollywood producer and director.
  • Wyatt Hobart: Canadian film actor.
  • Caroline Hobart: founder of beauty brand Nudus Cosmetics.
  • William H. Hobart: a member of the United States House of Representatives.
  • Stella Hobart: artist and sculptor.
  • Blake Hobart: multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter.
  • Henry Hobart: Malayan police commissioner in Sarawak.
  • Margaret Hobart: a figure skating champion.
  • Bayard T. Hobart: a prelate of the Episcopal Church in the United States.
  • Bamber Hobart: Anglican bishop.
  • Blanche E. Hobart: American matrix mathematics researcher.
  • Clive D. Hobart: American Army Brigadier General.
  • Diana Hobart: British Olympic field hockey competitor.
  • Franklin Hobart: an actor who appeared in a few silent films.
  • George Blake Hobart: an American military planner and strategist.
  • Henry Hobart: English professor of physics at Glasgow University.
  • Mark Hobart: professor of anthropology at the University of Essex.
  • Williamavage Hobart: American politician and Supreme Court justice.
  • William A. Hobart: an aviator, member of the Flying Tigers.
  • William D. Hobart: American writer and bookseller.

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