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Surname Hobbs - Meaning and Origin

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T. Hobbs

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Hobbs: What does the surname Hobbs mean?

The surname Hobbs is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is derived from the personal name "Robert." Over time, "Robert" got transformed to "Hobb" and came to be suffixed with "-s", indicating 'son of', forming the surname as Hobbs, essentially meaning 'son of Hobb'. This naming tradition started in Europe during the middle ages as a way of distinguishing people with the same first name. The name Robert itself stems from Old German words 'hrod', meaning 'fame', and 'behrt', meaning 'bright', thus the name originally signified someone who is 'famed and bright'. As with many surnames, it could also be used to refer to the place where the person lived or a significant feature of their occupation or character. The name Hobbs is popular in the UK, particularly in South West England. It was brought to America by early settlers and now has several variations such as Hobs, Hopp, and Hobson.

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Hobbs: Where does the name Hobbs come from?

The surname Hobbs is of Old English origin, primarily deriving from the personal name Hob, which was a diminutive or pet form of the name Robert. It was often used in medieval times and the suffix "-s" means "son of", hence the name translates to "son of Hob". Hobb was a popular name in Middle English; it was often used to describe the mythological figure Robin Goodfellow, also known as Puck. Over time, the name became a surname and spread across England as families started adopting fixed surnames.

Today, Hobbs is a common surname in English speaking countries including England, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. According to Forebears, a genealogical data website, as of 2014, Hobbs is most common in England, followed by the United States. In England, it is particularly prevalent in South West England in counties like Somerset and Devon. This distribution suggests that the name originated in or spread significantly in those regions.

Variations of the surname Hobbs

The surname Hobbs originates from the personal name Robert and was historically given as a nickname, ‘Hob,’ with the addition of ‘s’ indicating ‘son of.’ Various spellings and variations of this surname have emerged over time, perhaps owing to regional dialects, literacy levels, and immigration.

The most direct variations include Hob, Hobb, and Hobbes. Other potential spellings or variations could include Hobson (meaning son of Hob), Hobbsen, or Hobes. Despite differences in spelling, these variations generally retain the same pronunciation.

Regional or language influences could also offer additional variations. For instance, in German, Hobs, Hops, or Hopps could be possible variations. In Dutch or Belgian, perhaps Hobbesen, Hobesen, or Hobbsen, and in Italian, perhaps Obbs or Obbes. In some instances, the surname may have taken on prefixes or suffixs, such as DeHobbs, O'Hobbs, or Hobbsman.

While these variations are plausible, historical and genealogical references are ultimately needed to confirm how and where they have been used. Keep in mind that variation in a surname can often be attributed to a range of factors including language adaptation, cultural assimilation, or typographical error.

Famous people with the name Hobbs

  • Jacob Hobbs: Professional Baseball Player
  • Hunter Hobbs: Actor
  • Aaron Hobbs: Musician
  • Tim Hobbs: Professional Golfer
  • Ann Hobbs: Professional Racecar Driver
  • Joe Hobbs: Retired NFL Offensive Lineman
  • Mark Hobbs: Football Analyst
  • Anthony Hobbs: Basketball Player
  • Ryan Hobbs: Hockey Player
  • Paul Hobbs: Cook
  • Norman Hobbs: Children's Author
  • J.K. Hobbs: Adventurer/Explorer
  • Ricky Hobbs: Professional Gymnast
  • Jamie Hobbs: Soccer Player
  • Hal Hobbs: Comedian
  • Matthew Hobbs: Actor
  • Patricia Hobbs: Politican
  • Sean Hobbs: TV Producer
  • Bob Hobbs: Film Director
  • Robin Hobbs: Classical Singer

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