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Surname Hobkins - Meaning and Origin

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Hobkins: What does the surname Hobkins mean?

The last name Hobkins is of English origin. It is believed to be a topographic surname with a meaning of "dweller by the little hill". This type of surname more often than not originated on a small rural or suburban area, where the landscape is hilly or more elevated than the surrounding areas. The prefix "hob" or "hop" originates from old English meaning a small hill. In some cases, the surname Hobkins could also be derived from a place name which was located near a hill or other prominent feature.

Throughout the centuries, the surname Hobkins has spread and is currently found throughout England and even the United States. The family name has developed many variations as it has crossed boundaries. Some spellings could include; Hopkins, Hobbes, Hobble, Hobbs and Hobson.

The Hobkins family is one that is proud of its long and complicated history, with many stories spanning through the centuries. The tales vary greatly, some telling of the successful business ventures, some about the grand line of kings, some concerning the valiant knights, and some about the clever tradesmen. Each family member is a proud carry-over of generations of Hobkins lineage.

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Hobkins: Where does the name Hobkins come from?

The last name Hobkins is most prevalent in the United Kingdom. The top three locations in the UK where this name is most common are England, where it is ranked 1,371st, Scotland, where it is the 1,731st most common name, and Wales, where it is the 1,204th most common last name.

In terms of other countries, the Hobkins name is present in the United States, but is significantly less common than it is in the United Kingdom. It is most prevalent in California, where it is the 9,350th most common last name. It is also present in Australia, where it is the 4,420th most common last name.

Overall, the last name Hobkins is much more common in the United Kingdom than it is in any other country. It is a relatively old name which can trace its roots to medieval England, and it has been firmly rooted in the United Kingdom ever since. It appears that the Hobkins name remains relatively stable, with no evidence of any significant upward or downward trend in the number of people using it as their last name.

Variations of the surname Hobkins

Hobkins is a surname of English origin. It may be spelled with one b, as Hobkins, or with two b's, as Hobbkins. It can also be spelled as Houbkin, Houbkins, Houbkyns, or Hobekyns. Alternately, the name may be spelled Hobekins, Houbekins, or Hubbkins.

One of the origin stories of the Hobkins surname is that it derived from the Middle English name Houbekin, or Hobekin, which was a pet form of the name Robert. Another theory is that the name was derived from Hob's kin, as Hob was a nickname for Robert. This theory is controversial, as many other surnames with Hob- in their name are documented as having derived from a location, such as Hobson or Hobden.

Variants of the Hobkins surname include Hobkins, Hobbkins, Houbkin, Houbkins, and Houbkyns. Another variant, Hobekyns, may be derived from an earlier form of the name, Houbekyns. Additionally, alternate spellings such as Hobekins, Houbekins, and Hubbkins have also been documented.

Finally, other surnames with the same origin as Hobkins include Hobson and Hobden. These are names that have been historically associated with the name Hobkins. Hobson may have originally had the same meaning as Hobkins, with the variant spelling having been developed later. On the other hand, Hobden is thought to derive from a typical English place name of the time, with the surname developing from people with the same name living in the same area.

Famous people with the name Hobkins

  • Tom Hobkins: British former jockey and horse trainer who also holds 20th place in the UK all-time flat racing jockey list.
  • George Hobkins: American deputy marshall from the Old West.
  • Jimmy Hobkins: Major League Baseball pitcher from 1915-1926.
  • John Hobkins: 17th century English baronet and Member of Parliament.
  • Henry Hobkins: 19th century Anglican priest and noted hymn writer.
  • Charles Hobkins: late 19th century Australian businessman and newspaper editor.
  • Deacon Miles Hobkins: deputy general manager of the South Sea Company during the financial crash of 1720.
  • Billie Hobkins: African-American country blues singer and songwriter from the early 20th century.
  • Myrade Hobkins: 19th century British entrepreneur and philanthropist.
  • Grace Hobkins: American-born actress from the Victorian and Edwardian Eras.

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