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Surname Hod - Meaning and Origin

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Hod: What does the surname Hod mean?

The surname Hod is of English origin and has multiple interpretations based on its historical usage. It can refer to a maker or seller of hoods or to an occupation. A 'hod' in medieval English referred to a wooden pan or a long-handled box used in the building trade to carry bricks and mortar. The surname Hod could, therefore, have been an occupational surname for a worker or laborer who used such a tool. Furthermore, in Hebrew, 'Hod' translates to 'splendor' or 'glory’. It's common in Judaism and is one of the ten sefirot in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. In Scandinavian regions, the name can be interpreted as a variant of the surname Hodd, which is a derived form of the old Norse Hódr. As with many surnames, the exact interpretation of Hod can depend on the regional and cultural context in which it is used. Therefore, the meaning of the surname Hod can vary greatly, ranging from a simple occupational title to its religious significance.

Hod: Where does the name Hod come from?

The surname Hod is of Anglo-Saxon origin, stemming from the ancient British Isles, more specifically England. It's derived from the medieval personal name "Hodge," which is a diminutive of the name "Roger." Over time, Hodge became Hod and later was used as a surname.

In the Old English language, the name Roger meant “fame-spear” or "famous with the spear." During the Middle Ages, it was one of the most popular first names which likely led to its eventual use as a surname. The name Hod may also have occupational roots, referring to someone who used a hod - a tool used by bricklayers to carry bricks.

Today, the surname Hod is not common. It can be found in both the United States and United Kingdom but in very small numbers. It’s observed that many with the name Hod are often of Jewish descent, especially those located in Israel. However, it's important to note that the Jewish variant of Hod likely has different origins, possibly deriving from a Hebrew word meaning 'majesty' or 'splendor'.

Variations of the surname Hod

The surname Hod is of Anglo-Saxon origin and relatively rare by comparison to other British surnames. It was initially believed to be a surname for an individual who was considered to be a "helper." This surname was alternatively spelled throughout history as Hodge or Hodges, and these variants are more prevalent today.

In terms of regional derivation, it is believed to have been predominately used in Northern England, particularly in the regions of Yorkshire and Lancashire. These areas, at the time, were known for their speakers of Old Norse, contributing to the Swedish variant, Höd. In Scotland, it’s found as Hods or Hodds.

It's also seen in Irish cultures, where frequent changing or altering of spellings is common due to the anglicization of Gaelic names. There, Hod can be identified as O'hAodha.

It's essential to consider that modern surnames in every country have always continued to "develop," often leading to astounding variants of the original spelling. Therefore, across different countries and over time, it’s likely to encounter more patronymic forms like Hodson or Hudson. Other possible forms could include Hood or Hodes.

Famous people with the name Hod

  • Bill Hod: Canadian former ice hockey player
  • Bill Hodges: fictional detective created by Stephen King
  • Lior Hod: Israeli filmmaker
  • Merav Hod: Israeli actress
  • Matt Hod: New Zealand former professional Rugby League footballer
  • Saul Hod: Canadian poet
  • Stuart Hod: English sailor
  • Chris Hod: American professional disc golfer
  • Jonathan Hod: Canadian actor
  • Reza Hod: Iranian composer

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