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Surname Hofstetter - Meaning and Origin

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Hofstetter: What does the surname Hofstetter mean?

The last name Hofstetter is of German origin and is derived from the Middle High German word 'Hofstetren', meaning 'court steward'. It was an occupational surname given to someone who was responsible for overseeing the legal and financial affairs of a large estate or a nobleman's court. This person would generally ensure that taxes were paid and rents received, among other duties. The name is still fairly common in modern Germany and is often spelled Hofstädter, as well as Hofstatter and Hofsatter.

The Hofstetter name is found throughout the United States. Records of the name in the U.S. date as far back as 1709, with the earliest settlers bearing this name originating from Germany. The first records document a Hans Ludwig Hofstetter arriving in America on board the pink Pearl in 1738, and a Casper Hofstetter who settled in Pennsylvania in 1767. It is believed that many other family members followed these first two individuals over the next several years.

Today, Hofstetters continue to live in both Germany and the United States. As a result of being present in both countries, many members of the family are multilingual and embody a unique blend of German and American cultures. The name is often associated with strength, stability, and hard work, all values that represent the loyalty of Hofstetters to both the past and present.

Hofstetter: Where does the name Hofstetter come from?

The last name Hofstetter is a relatively common surname throughout Europe. It is most commonly found in German-speaking countries, particularly Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In Germany, the most Hofstetter are found in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, and Hesse. In Austria, the most Hofstetter are found in the states of Upper Austria, Lower Austria, and Salzburg. In Switzerland, the most Hofstetter are found in the French-speaking canton of Valais. There are also Hofstetter living in Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Liechtenstein.

In the United States, the most Hofstetter are located in Pennsylvania and Ohio. There are also Hofstetter living in Texas, Illinois, Indiana, and California. Canada is home to the Hofstetter family, most of whom reside in Ontario.

There is also a strong concentration of Hofstetter in South America, much of it in Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. The Hofstetter family is also found in Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Africa.

The last name Hofstetter is still very much a European surname, but its spread throughout the rest of the world is evident.

Variations of the surname Hofstetter

The surname Hofstetter is derived from the Middle German words hofstetten, meaning a smallholding enclosed by a hedge. Variants and spellings of Hofstetter include Hoffstetter, Hoffstetter, Hoffstaddter, Hoftstetter, Hofstadder, Hofstatter, and Hoffstadtter.

The surname Hofstetter also has numerous international variations. These include Hofstetter and Hofstadter in German, Hoffstadt in French, Hoffstetter in Dutch and Fofstetter and Hovstetter in Scandinavian countries.

In addition to Hofstetter, variations of this name can also be found in other surnames with the same origin. These include Hofstadl, Hoftstiel, Hofsteiger, Hofstiegler, Hoftsiegle, Hofsägler, Hofsäge, Hofstedh, Hofstetterle, Hofstedde, Hofstied, Hofsiedl, Hofsiegel and Hofstutzen.

Moreover, Hofstetter can also be seen in Jewish variations, such as Hofsteader, Hofstater and Hofsteder. It is also seen in Russian variations, such as Hofstatov, Hofstutov and Hoffmanstetter. Finally, the surname can also be found in American variations, such as Hofstetter, Hofstedter, Haftstetter, Hoffstatter, Hofstatter and Hofseter.

In summary, the surname Hofstetter has numerous variants, spellings and origins. Its variations can be traced back to Middle German, as well as many international, Jewish, Russian and American variations.

Famous people with the name Hofstetter

  • Kurt Hofstetter: American sculptor and professor
  • Anna Hofstetter: German politician
  • Christoph Hofstetter: German composer
  • Robert Hofstetter: German composer
  • Nikolaus Hofstetter: Swiss painter
  • Lawrence Hofstetter: American astrophysicist
  • Marc Hofstetter: Swiss physicist
  • Franz Hofstetter: German actor
  • Stephan Hofstetter: Austrian actor
  • Huldrych Hofstetter: German Jewish lawyer

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