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Surname Hogan - Meaning and Origin

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W. Hogan

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Hogan: What does the surname Hogan mean?

Hogan is an Irish surname that originates from the Gaelic name "Ó hÓgáin," which means "descendant of Ógán." The term "Ógán" itself is derived from the word "óg," meaning "young," hence it is sometimes translated as "youth." Therefore, Hogan can be interpreted as "young one" or "descendant of the young one." The name is prevalent in Ireland, especially in County Clare and County Tipperary in the province of Munster. Like many Irish surnames, Hogan was widely disseminated around the world during the Irish diaspora, and has been adapted to various spelling forms. Notable people bearing this last name range from athletes to actors, musicians, and other public figures.

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Hogan: Where does the name Hogan come from?

The last name Hogan is of Irish origin, specifically from the Gaelic name Ó hÓgáin, meaning "descendant of Ógán” - a personal name derived from the Irish “óg” implying "young". The Hogan eponym was renowned within the territories of Tipperary, Limerick, and Clare, among the provinces of Munster in the southern part of Ireland. Hence, its roots can be inherently associated with these Gaelic tribes.

Presently, Hogan is a prevalent surname in various part of the world due to emigration, most notably in English-speaking nations such as Ireland itself, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. In these countries, especially in the United States and Ireland, the name can be found widely owing to the significant inflow of Irish people during the time of the Great Famine in Ireland (1845-1849). Therefore, the spread of the Hogan surname today is a testament to the mobility and survival of the Irish diaspora.

Variations of the surname Hogan

Hogan is an Irish surname derived from the Gaelic word "Ó hÓgáin" (descendant of Ógán), with Ógán meaning "young" or "youth". It's primarily associated with counties Clare, Tipperary and Limerick.

Besides the most common spellings "Hogan" and "Ó hÓgáin", other variations or similar surnames might include Hagan, Hogen, Hoggin, Hogon, and Hoggan. Anglicized versions of the name could also feature slight variations like Hoogan, Hagen, or even the phonetic O'Hogan, in respect to the original Irish format.

In some cases, the prefix "O" or "Mac" might be added before "Hogan" to denote "son of" or "descendant of", resulting in O'Hogan or MacHogan, respectively. However, these versions are considerably less common and not always acknowledged as direct variants.

It's important to remember that the variety in spellings is often a result of the transcription from Gaelic to English, and there may even be regional differences or spelling adjustments over time due to immigration records or personal preferences. Each variant may have its own history and different branches of the family may use different versions.

Famous people with the name Hogan

  • Terry Bollea (stage name Hulk Hogan), professional wrestler and actor
  • Brooke Hogan, reality star and daughter of Terry Bollea
  • Nick Hogan, reality star and son of Terry Bollea
  • Linda Hogan, ex-wife of Terry Bollea
  • Judy Hogan, American actress
  • Robert Hogan, American actor
  • Linda Kavelin Popov, bestselling author of “The Virtues Project”
  • John Joseph Hogan, Revered soldier during the American Civil War
  • Ed Hogan, Major League Baseball player
  • Michael Hogan, Canadian actor
  • Ben Hogan, Professional golfer
  • Paul Hogan, actor and comedian
  • Dennis Hogan, Professional boxer
  • Peter Hogan, British comic book writer
  • Edwin Hogan, British actor
  • Charles Beaumont Hogan, American actor and singer
  • Alan Hogan, British novelist and screenwriter
  • Art Hogan, American soldier
  • Richard Hogan, Irish politician
  • Dave Hogan, English documentary filmmaker

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