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Surname Hollings - Meaning and Origin

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Hollings: What does the surname Hollings mean?

The last name Hollings is of English origin, and most tracing of the name to the present day indicates it has two possible derivations.

The first is from an old English personal name, meaning “loved”. This is derived from two Old English words, hol and ing, and would have been given as a nickname to people who were well-liked or held in high esteem.

The second possible origin of the last name Hollings is from a placename, derived from a particular farm or area. This is likely to have been a fairly common naming system in rural England centuries ago, and likely comes from Old English holla (meaning a nook of land) or halh (meaning a nook or small valley).

Whether derived from a personal name or a placename, the name Hollings has most likely been present in England for hundreds of years, perhaps as a nickname or as the name of a local area or farm.

Hollings: Where does the name Hollings come from?

The surname Hollings is commonly found in the United Kingdom, particularly in the Northern regions and Scotland. The name is thought to have originated from the English and Scottish islands of the Hebrides. It is thought to have been adopted by those who had come from Scandinavia and settled in the area. The name could be significant to a Norse origin.

The name is now relatively common in the United Kingdom, especially in areas such as Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Cheshire, and West Yorkshire. It is also quite prevalent in Scotland, particularly in Aberdeenshire, Angus, Fifeshire, and Sutherland. In addition, there are portions of the United States in which the name Hollings can be found, such as in Wisconsin, Oregon, and Texas.

The number of people in the UK with the name Hollings is estimated to be just over 900. The name is also familiar to many in Ireland, both North and South, where a segment of the Hollings surname originated. It is quite popular in Australian culture as well, likely due to a portion of its inhabitants originating there from the British Isles. The name is also quite common in New Zealand.

Today, the name Hollings is still relatively unique, and is beloved by many families who have the surname. It is a name with a long history, and a proud meaning that still stands strong today.

Variations of the surname Hollings

The surname Hollings is an English patronymic surname, derived from the Middle English personal name Hulving. Variations and spellings of Hollings include: Holling, Hollin, Hulvin, Holings, Hollingsworth and Hallingsworth.

Hollings is a surname found mainly in England, though it may also be found in other countries of the British Isles. In some instances, it originates from a placename rather than as a patronymic.

The earliest recorded instance of the name appears to be in 1158, when William de Hulinges is registered in the Lincolnshire Pipe Rolls. Hollings is often assumed to be an entirely distinct name, however, the name is sometimes referred to by the variant spelling Hollin.

In Ireland, the variant spelling Hollings is sometimes encountered, as well as Hollen and Hollian, both of which may be related to the surname. Other variant spellings in Ireland may include Hallinan, Hollinan, and O'Hallin.

Hollingsworth is also a variant form of the surname derived from a combination of Hollings and the suffix “-worth.” Hollingsworth is predominantly found in Lancashire and in North West Yorkshire, whereas Hallingsworth is more usually found in the Southwest.

Throughout the British Isles, other variants and surnames found are associated to Hollings, such as Hollingworth in Yorkshire, Hollinhead in Cheshire and Hallinhead in Lancashire.

In conclusion, the surname Hollings has many derivatives and variants which originated in the Middle Ages. These include the variant spellings Holling, Hollin, Hulvin, Holings, Hollingsworth and Hallingsworth, as well as other related surnames and place names. Additionally, variant spellings and surnames of Hollings may also be found in Ireland, such as Hollings, Hollen, Hollian, Hallinan, Hollinan, O'Hallin, Hollingworth and Hallingsworth.

Famous people with the name Hollings

  • Fritz Hollings: American politician, and former United States Senator from South Carolina.
  • Mark Hollings: a professional rugby league footballer who plays as a prop for the Penrith Panthers in the NRL
  • David Hollings: a former English footballer who played over a 14-year career
  • Pam Hollings: an artist and musician who has released several albums
  • Phill Hollings: a castle architect and author
  • Louise Hollings: an Australian psychologist and academic.
  • John Hollings: a professional swimmer who competed for Great Britain at the 2008 Olympic Games
  • Clair Hollings: a professional tennis player who won several tournaments throughout her career
  • Bob Hollings: an American businessman and investor who co-founded the New York Stock Exchange
  • Darryl Hollings: a comic book artist known for his work in the Marvel and DC comics universes

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