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Surname Home - Meaning and Origin

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Home: What does the surname Home mean?

The last name Home is of Scottish origin, derived from the Scottish peninsular of Hume located in Berwickshire. The term was originally spelled 'Hume' and later evolved into 'Home.' It's a habitational name, meaning that it was often given to individuals living in or near this area. The name itself is believed to come from the Old English elements 'hoh,' which means 'spur of a hill' and 'ham' translating to 'homestead.' Therefore, the surname Home could be interpreted as someone who lived in a homestead located on a hill spur. Variations of the name play a significant role in Scottish history, with the Earls of Home descended from the line of the medieval Home, or Hume Clan. Variants of this surname include Hume, Hulm, and Holme among others.

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Home: Where does the name Home come from?

The surname Home is of Scottish origin, derived from the County of Berwickshire where the first recorded spelling of the family name is found in the 11th Century. The name gained prominence through the ancient Scottish noble House of Home, a major border clan. Certain family members held titles such as Earl of Home and Baron Home. The name Home is believed to have originated from the term "holm" which in Old English and Norse referred to a piece of flat, dry land often in a river valley, signifying the geography of the clan’s ancestral lands.

Today, the surname Home is not as prevalent as it once was in Scotland, instead it has dispersed and become somewhat more common in England. Additionally, due to historical migrations and the influence of the British Empire, the name can also be found in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It's important to bear in mind that the distribution of the surname can still vary greatly, and it's not particularly common on a global scale.

Variations of the surname Home

The surname Home is of Scottish origin and it is derived from the region of the same name in Berwickshire, Scotland. There are a number of spelling variations and surnames of the same origin. These include Hume, Holmes, Hulme, Holme, Hom, and Hoem.

The variation Hume is the most common, and the two names have been used interchangeably throughout history. Some individuals and families have changed their names from Home to Hume and vice versa depending on personal preference or regional dialects at the time. The variations Holmes, Hulme, and Holme are derived from the Old Norse word ‘holmr’, meaning an islet or small island, which suggests a topographical origin.

The spelling Hom and Hoem can often be found in Scandinavian countries, likely brought over by Scottish migrants or derived independently due to the sharing of Viking ancestry and language.

However, it is important to note that variant spellings could have derived independently and do not necessarily indicate a familial connection to others with the surname. Individuals with the surname variants may not share the same ancestry as those with the surname Home.

Famous people with the name Home

  • Dave Home, Scottish Actor
  • John Home Robertson, Scottish Politician
  • Walter Home, English Actor
  • Chris Homes, English Footballer
  • David Home, Scottish Rugby Player
  • Henry Home, Lord Kames, Scottish Philosopher
  • Mary Homes, English Painter
  • Rupert Home, English Actor
  • Susan Home, Australian Actress
  • Sinead Home, Irish Actress
  • Theo Home, English Composer
  • Tony Home, English Cartoonist
  • Nitin Home, Indian Actor
  • Susan Home, American Actress
  • Amanda Home, English Actress
  • David Home, Canadian Physician
  • Scott Home, English Musician
  • Robert Home, Scottish Actor
  • Jay Home, English Radio Presenter
  • Jan Home, American politician

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