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Surname Hopert - Meaning and Origin

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Hopert: What does the surname Hopert mean?

The last name Hopert is of German origin. The two main root words are "Hof" and "Hart", meaning court(s) and strong, respectively. Combined, they symbolize a family that is represented by a strong court or family who are strong leaders.

The Hopert family can be traced back to the ancient city of Munich in Germany, where they played an important role in ruling the region. The Hopert family acted as military commanders and protectors of the people and the castle. They were strong and protected the lands from outside invaders.

The Hopert crest is a shield divided into two colors, red and black. On the red half of the crest is a black eagle, which symbolizes a powerful guardian who looks out for family and friends alike. This symbol of protection and strength is echoed in the family motto, "mit Kraft und Mut", which translates to "with strength and courage".

The Hopert family is often seen as hardworking and determined, and they are well respected for their loyalty and dedication to their communities. They are proud of their ancestry and continue to carry on the legacy set by their forefathers. The Hoperts have a long history of being leaders, and their strength and determination are reflected in their name.

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Hopert: Where does the name Hopert come from?

The last name Hopert is most common in Germany and other parts of Central Europe. It is believed to have originated there some time in the Middle Ages. The Hoperts of Germany trace their lines back to a man by the name of Henricus Hopertus in the early sixteenth century, who lived near the modern city of Frankfurt.

The Hoperts have since become dispersed across the world, with significant populations of the surname found in the United States, Canada, South America, Australia and other regions. In the US, most Hoperts live in the Midwest region, such as Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

In Germany, the family is widely spread across many regions, with a particularly large presence in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia and Saxony. Over time, the Hoperts have generally assimilated into German culture, while retaining their surname as a link to their heritage.

The Hoperts today remain a close-knit family, with many retaining contact with their distant relatives in Germany. This is demonstrated by the increasing presence of the Hopert surname at family gatherings, such as reunions and weddings. It is clear that the Hopert family legacy continues to flourish, even after eight-hundred years!

Variations of the surname Hopert

Variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Hopert include Hoppert, Hopper, Hoppers, Hopers, Hooper, Hobert, and Huberts. These surnames all derive from the Middle High German name Hubreht, which means ‘bright and famous.’ This name was most commonly found in the Germanic regions of southern Europe and the Soviet Union from the early medieval period onward.

The Hoppers variant is derived from the Low German word Hoppen, which translates to ‘somersault’ and suggests an association with acrobatics or athleticism. Hoapers is an Anglicised variant of the same name (as are Hopers and Hobert) and is more commonly found in the British Isles than elsewhere in Europe.

Hubert is a French rendering of Hubreht and was popularized as a given name in France in the 12th century, fittingly enough, due to the fame of Duke Hubert of Saxony. The Hooper variant of the name is an Anglo-Saxon rendering of the same name, as are the very common English surnames Hopper and Cooper. It is possible that Cooper was an early iteration of the name, chosen in reference to someone’s occupations or an early nickname given to the bearer.

The original German name Hubreht has endured for centuries, transformed and adapted for different European languages and increasingly Anglicizing over time. It is therefore not surprising that so many variants of the same origin can be traced back to the same name.

Famous people with the name Hopert

  • Anna Hopert: Czech beauty pageant winner and model.
  • Kelly Hopert: American actress best known for roles in Prison Break, Private Practice and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
  • Tim Hopert: Dutch actor, appearing in numerous films and television series such as De co-assistent and De boskabouters.
  • Alexander Hopert: German writer best known for writing the bestselling novel De Verleiders.
  • Sabine Hopert: Austrian artist and sculptor well known for her bronze sculptures.
  • Suzy Hopert: Dutch fashion designer, creating bold and stylish clothing for women.
  • Ischa Hopert: Dutch artist, known for his abstract paintings.
  • Jakob Hopert: Swiss conductor and composer who wrote the renowned opera The Magic Flute.
  • Paul Hopert: German microbiologist whose work on bacteriophages helped shape modern day molecular biology initiatives.
  • Emilie Hopert: French actress and comedian, best known for her numerous television appearances such as Les Truffanges, the Comedies and Sous le soleil de la mer.

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