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Surname Horacek - Meaning and Origin

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Horacek: What does the surname Horacek mean?

The last name Horacek is of Czech origin and is derived from the nickname "Horák," which is derived from the Old Czech word "hora," meaning "mountain."

Initially, the Horacek surname identified someone who lived near a mountain in the region now known as the Czech Republic. Alternatively, the name might have denoted a mountaineer or one who assisted mountain shepherds. Over time, the Horacek surname branched out to other parts of Central Europe and eventually to other parts of Europe and beyond.

Today, the Horacek family can be found in various countries across the world, from the United States to Canada, Germany to Russia, and Spain to Finland. It is a relatively uncommon name, but those who bear the Horacek name may take pride in its proud history and Czech ancestry.

In its most basic form, the surname Horacek can be seen as an indicator of the people’s historical roots and physical environment. As with many surnames, there is much more to it than just a name. The name Horacek stands as a part of the greater story of Czech history and of the resilient people who have gone by the name.

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Horacek: Where does the name Horacek come from?

The last name Horacek is originally of Czech origin. Accordingly, the most common place for people with the last name Horacek today is the Czech Republic. According to Czech Statistical Office data from 2019, there are approximately 22,000 people with the last name Horacek in the Czech Republic.

Outside of the Czech Republic, Horacek is not as common of a last name. However, there are still a number of Horacek families living in Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria, and even the United States. The number of individuals with the last name Horacek in these countries is likely in the thousands but is much lower than in its country of origin.

Interestingly, many people with the last name Horacek living outside of the Czech Republic are direct descendants of those who once lived in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Throughout the 19th century, tens of thousands of Czechs emigrated to other parts of Europe and the United States and many of them brought the surname Horacek with them. This is why, even today, the name Horacek can be found amongst individuals with German, Austrian, Polish, American, and other ancestries.

Variations of the surname Horacek

The surname Horáček is a Czech surname which is derived from the personal name Horác, a diminutive form of the Czech name Horák, meaning ‘man from the hora,’ (‘hora’ meaning hill in Czech). Variations of the Horacek surname include Horáček, Horack, Horackova, Horacek, Horackovic, Horák, Horak, Horáková, Horaková, Horáková, Horakova, Horaková, Horáčík, Horčík, Hordel, Hortman, and Hortmann.

The English equivalent of the surname Horacek is Harris, another variant of the same personal name Horác. Harris is usually derived from a variant of Horáček with the addition of the Germanic suffix -is or -es making Horáček Harris. Harris is also sometimes a translation of the Polish surname Horowicz.

Variant spellings of Horacek are Horacek, Horaceck, Horaceckova, Horacky, Horackova, Horacki, Horacky, Horasek, Horak, Horazek, Horazekova, Horazkova, and Horek. Other surnames which might be derived from Horacek are Goratzeck, Gorotzeck, Kłeck, Klock, Kłok, Kłokova, Klok, Klokova, Korec, Koreck, Koreckova, Korotzeck, and Koretz.

The Horacek surname is also found in Slovakia, but is spelled differently. Variations include Horáček, Horacz, Horack, Horackova, Horacková, Horáčka, Horasek, Horazek, Horazkovich, and Horzyk.

The Horacek surname also appears in various geographic regions including Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Serbia and Croatia. Variations of the surname are Horáček, Horacz, Horack, Horackovic, Horackovitš, Horackovics, Horčak, Horcsok, Horjak, Horkovics, Horňacz, Hortay, Hortayova, and Hortayovics.

Famous people with the name Horacek

  • Ondřej Horáček: a Czech actor best known for his portrayal of David in the 1992 movie The Elementary School.
  • Michael Horáček: a Czech economist and politician, member of the Chamber of Deputies for the Pirate Party since 2017.
  • František Horáček: a Czech composer of contemporary classical music.
  • Ota Horáček: a Czech cross-country skier, who won four bronze medals at the Olympic Winter Games during the mid-1930s.
  • Jiří Horáček: a Czech racewalker who competed for Czechoslovakia at the 1972.
  • Martina Horáček: a Czech biathlete competing for the Czech Republic at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.
  • Václav Horáček: a Czech football striker in the 1920s and 1930s, who represented his country at the 1934 FIFA World Cup.
  • Petr Horáček: a Czech musician and children's author, best known for his illustrated picture books.
  • Radomír Horáček: a Czech javelin thrower who won an Olympic silver medal for the Czech Republic in 1988.
  • Vít Horáček: a Czech musician, composer, and DJ, who has collaborated with artists including Janelle Monáe and Snoop Dogg.

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