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Surname Horalek - Meaning and Origin

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Horalek: What does the surname Horalek mean?

The last name Horalek is of Czech origin. It is derived from the Czech word “hora”, meaning “mountain” or “hill”. The surname was likely originally given to someone who lived near a mountain or hill, or whose ancestors did so. Some later variations of the name may also have been derived from the Czech first name “Horalk”.

Horalek is a relatively uncommon name, but can be found in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, and the United States. In German, the surname is spelled Horalek, and it is sometimes written as “Horalka” in Poland. In some cases, it is also spelled “Horolek” in some Czech speaking countries.

Although the origin of the last name is uncertain, some people believe that it may have been derived from the Old High German personal name “Horal”. This name is related to the Latin words “hora” meaning “time of day” and “idalis” meaning “fortunate”. This could imply that the family who initially adopted the last name may have been fortunate or auspiciously blessed.

Regardless of its origin, Horalek is a proud last name that is a reminder of the mountaineers and brave souls who stumbled across it first. The name serves as a reminder of the courage it can take to build a life in a new land and the reminder that fortunes can be found in the places that feel like home.

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Horalek: Where does the name Horalek come from?

The last name Horalek is most commonly associated with the Czech Republic. According to the 1988 Czec Republic Census, it was the 130th most common last name, with 2,072 people bearing this name. This suggested that at the time of the census, about 0.07 percent of the total population of the Czech Republic had this name.

While it was once quite common in the Czech Republic, the last name Horalek is much less common in other parts of the world. There are a few families of Horaleks in the United States, mainly descendants of Czech immigrants who arrived in the 1930s and 1940s. Research indicates that there are also some Horaleks scattered throughout Europe and the United Kingdom as well.

Today, the last name Horalek is most commonly associated with Czech Republic. It is a surname that isn’t as widely found as it once was. However, with further research, people with the last name Horalek can be found living in many countries across the world.

Variations of the surname Horalek

The surname Horalek originates from the Czech and Slavic languages. It may have originated from the Czech word “horale” meaning “a hill” or “a mountain slope”, or from the old Slavonic word “ralek” which means “strong” or “mighty”.

The most common variant spellings of Horalek are Horaleky, Horalec, Choralek, Choralecz, Horalez, and Horales. Less common variations include Horałek, Horałeki, Chorałki, Chorałecz, Halek, Halec, and Charalek.

The surnames of the same origin with Horalek include the Polish surnames Haralambidis, Haralambides, Haralambos, and Haralambopoulos, as well as the Russian surnames Khoralovsky, Khorolets, Khorelets, and Khorolyets.

The Slovak surnames Garal Azaralček and Glumbidczyk, the Ukrainian surnames Khoral’ev and Khoroleva, and the Czech surnames Horálková, Horalíková, Horaochy, and Chorálková are also descended from the same origin.

In Austria, the surnames Haralambides, Horalecz, Haralambidis, Haralambos, and Haralambopoulos are found among the Slovenes from the Carinthian region, while the surnames Haralemidis, Haralipis, and Yralipis are found among the Croatians.

Finally, the surname Horalek is also found among the Germans, with variations such as Choralek, Chorall, Horall, and Horlec.

Famous people with the name Horalek

  • Mark Horalek: Mark Horalek is an American film producer, director, and writer. He is known for his extensive work in television and film production.
  • Vaclav Horalek: Vaclav Horalek is a Czech musician, composer, and producer. He has composed music for several films, television series, and video games.
  • Jiri Horalek: Jiri Horalek is a Czech actor and screenwriter. He appeared in several Czech films and television series.
  • Vojtech Horalek: Vojtech Horalek is a Czech film editor. He is known for his work on the films Pytel Blech, Oslava, and Hometown.
  • Martin Horalek: Martin Horalek is a retired professional footballer who played in the Czech First League.
  • Ondrej Horalek: Ondrej Horalek is a Czech Olympian who competed in sailing events.
  • Jan Horalek: Jan Horalek is a Czech sculptor, whose works explore the relationship between humans, animals, and nature. He has exhibited in various countries, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Germany.
  • Ondrej Venera Horalek: Ondrej Venera Horalek is a Czech professional ice hockey player. He is currently playing in the Czech Extraliga.
  • Marie Horalek: Marie Horalek is an American figure skater who competed in several US Figure Skating Championships.
  • Tobias Horalek: Tobias Horalek is a German entrepreneur who started his own tech company, Autofitz. He currently serves as the company's CEO.

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