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Surname Howland - Meaning and Origin

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Howland: What does the surname Howland mean?

The surname Howland is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is derived from a place name. The first part "Hou" is either derived from the Old English term "hoh", meaning a ridge or spur of a hill, or from "holh", meaning a hollow or hole. The second part "land" comes from the Old English "land", simply meaning land or territory. Therefore, the surname Howland could be indicative of someone who lived on a ridge or within a hollow. This surname was primarily used in regions in the Middle Ages where traditional naming practices had started to wane and surnames were used to help distinguish people from one another. It is also quite common to find that surnames were often derived from geographically significant locations, landmarks, or occupations, all of which helped to identify people and distinguish them from others. Checking historic documents, including census records, tax records, and more, can help to trace the historical use of the surname Howland and how it became used by certain families or in certain regions.

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Howland: Where does the name Howland come from?

The surname Howland originates from England and is believed to have first emerged during the medieval period in Norfolk. It supposedly comes from Old English, combining the elements "hoh" (meaning spur of a hill) and "land" (meaning cultivated land). Some say it was typically used as a topographical surname for someone who lived in a territory on the slope of a ridge.

Overall, Howland is not a particularly common last name in the present day. However, it is most frequently encountered in the United States, which houses the largest population of people with the Howland surname. Historically, immigrants from England carrying this surname settled in New England in the early 17th century, one famous bearer being John Howland, a passenger on the Mayflower and a signer of the Mayflower Compact. Other English colonists with this surname later migrated to the present-day US throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, allowing the Howland name to gradually propagate across the country. Also, a few modern-day bearers of the name can be found in England, Australia, and Canada.

Variations of the surname Howland

The surname Howland is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is believed to have originated from a geographical locality 'at the Howland', in the county of Cumberland, England. This surname can be traced back to ancient times and has various spellings and derivatives.

Alternate spellings include Howlond, Howlonde, Hoveland, Howlande, Howelond, Howlon, and Hoeland. It has undergone spelling variations over time due to era's phonetic spelling practices, where scribes would often record a name as it was pronounced. Different branches of the family could also end up with different spellings due to linguistic and regional differences.

Derivatives or surnames of similar origin include Howlanda, Howlenda, and perhaps Hovland. Names that seem similar but are of different origins include Holland and Rowland, which people often confused.

While Howland originated from England, it has spread internationally, especially in places such as the United States, due to migration. The most notable bearer is John Howland, an Englishman who traveled on the Mayflower to America.

Surname variants, spellings, and those of similar origin may have different family crests or coats of arms, so historical and genealogical exploration of the surname Howland would be fascinating.

Famous people with the name Howland

  • Charles Howland: a former congressional representative from California
  • John Howland: an English Mayflower pilgrim
  • Claire Howland: an American children's author
  • Jenni Howland: a British netballer
  • John Howland: a former Governor of Rhode Island
  • Josiah Howland: a colonial American industrialist
  • Tana Howland: an American model
  • Jeffrey Howland: an American film composer
  • Sidney Howland: an American screenwriter
  • Thomas Howland: an American actor
  • William Howland: a Canadian politician
  • Sheldon Howland: a Canadian politician
  • Brad Howland: a former NCAA basketball player
  • Fred Howland: an American Olympic shot putter
  • Garrett Howland: an American Paralympic athlete
  • Paul Howland: an American film art director
  • Tim Howland: an American professional baseball player
  • Dave Howland: an American professional soccer player
  • Hope Howland: an American television news anchor
  • Randall Howland: an American rugby union player

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