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Surname Hubbs - Meaning and Origin

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Hubbs: What does the surname Hubbs mean?

Hubbs is a surname of English origin. The name is derived from the medieval given name Hubert, itself originating from the Old German words "hug" meaning "heart" or "spirit", and "berht" meaning "famous" or "bright". Over time, Hubert became Hubbe in England during the Middle Ages, before evolving into Hubbs. Like many surnames, it was likely originally used to reference someone's father or ancestor. For example, "John, Hubbe's son" would eventually become "John Hubbs". This makes it a patronymic surname. The name is quite rare, and it is most commonly found in the United States. So, in essence, the last name Hubbs could mean 'famous heart' or 'bright spirit'. However, it is essential to note that name meanings can have different interpretations, and the specific meaning of a surname to a person or a family can be influenced by its history, interpretation, and family traditions.

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Hubbs: Where does the name Hubbs come from?

The surname Hubbs is believed to be of English origin, specifically derived from the Old German personal name Hubert. It has been identified with many other variations like Hubb, Hubbe, and Hubs. It may also be a locational name, from places like Hubba’s Farm or Hubbert’s Bridge in Lincolnshire. The name became more widespread in the world due to English migration to other countries.

Today, the surname Hubbs is commonly found in the United States, particularly in states like California, Texas, and Michigan. According to recent census data, there are around 5,000 individuals with the last name Hubbs in the United States. It also has a presence in countries like Canada and England, though lesser in prevalence than in the United States.

Variations of the surname Hubbs

The surname Hubbs, primarily found in the United States and England, has several variants, alternate spellings, and cognate surnames. Examples of variations and alternate spellings include Hubb, Hub, Hubbe, and Hubs. The name may be of English or Germanic origin, and it could be a shortened form of Hubert, a given name popular in England after the Norman Conquest in 1066. Some variations of these surnames could be rooted in the Anglo-Saxon name Hupp or Hubble which is found in counties of Cambridgeshire and Suffolk in England.

In the Germanic origin, the surname could be a metronymic from the female personal name Hubba, a diminutive of Hugubert or Hughbert. Hence, other possible cognates of the surname Hubbs could be Hubert, Hubbert, and Hubbard.

Careful though, as details and origins of surnames can often be convoluted and require personal genealogical research for accurate and specific identification.

Famous people with the name Hubbs

  • Blake Hubbs: former professional baseball player.
  • Mike Hubbs: running back for the University of Wyoming.
  • Sean Hubbs: comedian and improv performer.
  • Dave Hubbs: Broadway composer and orchestrator.
  • Joe Hubbs: jazz musician and funk-punk artist.
  • Joe William Hubbs: US Navy veteran.
  • Peter Hubbs: US Army Reserve sergeant and purple heart recipient.
  • Gavin Hubbs: pro fishing and hunting guide and photographer.
  • Zach Hubbs: singer-songwriter and producer.
  • Lucas Hubbs: pro wakeboarder and coach.
  • Ed Hubbs: motivational speaker and author.
  • Christina Hubbs: Olympic track and field athlete.
  • Gene Hubbs: international security expert and consultant.
  • Kathleen Hubbs: children's author.
  • Justin Hubbs: content creator and blogger.
  • Anthony Hubbs: radio music director and founder of 'the 75'.
  • Nick Hubbs: country singer-songwriter.
  • John Hubbs: attorney, advocate and civil rights leader.
  • Amy Hubbs: CEO of marketing consultancy.
  • Stan Hubbs: golf coach and instructor.

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