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Surname Ibis - Meaning and Origin

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Ibis: What does the surname Ibis mean?

The last name Ibis is of German and Dutch origin. It is believed to have originated from the name of the bird, the ibis. The earliest known use of this surname dates back to the 1500s.

The ibis is a wading bird with an extremely long, curved beak. Its body is a brilliant white with a sleek black head and wings. The bird is found mainly in the tropics and is known for its ability to hunt and eat various aquatic animals. It is also known as a symbol of wisdom.

The name Ibis could have been given to an ancestor due to a physical resemblance to the ibis, a profession involving the bird, or simply for its symbolism. It is often seen as a sign of strength and intelligence.

In some cases, the last name Ibis may have been derived from an even earlier name, such as the German Ibisch. Thisname may have been contracted from an earlier form such as Imbach, a name of uncertain origin which was used to describe people living in the Imbach valley in Austria.

The use of this surname can vary depending on the region. In Germany, it is found in a range of regions, from the North Sea coast to the Austrian border and northwards. In the Netherlands, it is more common in the northern provinces, while in Switzerland it is popular in the central regions.

Ultimately, the last name Ibis is a unique and interesting one with a fascinating history. Though its origins are uncertain, it could represent wisdom, strength, and intelligence.

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Ibis: Where does the name Ibis come from?

The last name Ibis is most commonly found in India and South Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. The surname is especially frequent in India’s Gujarat state, and in Samastipur, Bihar region.

The surname is of Zoroastrian or Parsi origin, and is derived from the Avestan language word ‘ibiš’, meaning ‘to become’ or ‘to be’. It may have originally been a surname given to ‘those who came to be’, or those who newly joined a certain faith or practiced a certain profession.

In India, the Ibis name is part of a larger community of Parsi immigrants who formed their own enclaves and communities in the region. In Gujarat, the Parsis are found mainly in the neighbourhoods of Surat, Jamnagar, and Bharuch. Historically, Parsis were engaged primarily in trade and commerce, and the Ibis name was used to distinguish the same family from others of particular trade or profession.

The surname has spread outside the Indian subcontinent to countries such as the United States and United Kingdom. It is still not a common name, but is becoming more so as India’s population and influence continue to grow.

Variations of the surname Ibis

The Ibis surname is derived from the Latin word ibis, which means “reedcutter” or “bird.” The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin include:

Ibanez, Ibán.... Ibenes, Ibies, Ibías, Ibiz, Ibys, Ibyz, Ibizzi, Ibizze, Ebyse, and Ibys.

Many of these surnames were originally localized to regions throughout Spain, especially Murcia. In the era of the Spanish inquisition, many surnames, such as the Ibis surname, had to be altered due to religious persecution.

The Ibanez surname is found in Catalonia and Madrid, Ibán in the Valencia area, and Ibenes in Murcia and Granada. The Ibys surname is one of the most common variants found in Spain. It’s found in Seville, Valencia, and Murcia.

The Ibiz, Ibys, Ibyz, and Ibizzi surnames are primarily found in the Philippines, especially in Mindanao. It’s believed that these Philippine Spanish surnames originated from the Ibiz-Ibys family in the town of Meaño, Spain.

The Ibizze surname is mainly found in A Coruña, Spain, as well as the Italian region of Lombardy.

The Ebyse surname is found in Austria and Germany, although it’s unknown where it originated from.

In conclusion, Ibis is a surname of Spanish origin and has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. This multi-regional surname can be found throughout Spain, in the Philippines, Italy, Austria, and Germany.

Famous people with the name Ibis

  • Alexander Ibis: a Romanian footballer who plays for Gaz Metan Medias.
  • Kim Ibis: a surf rocker and singer-songwriter who released the album “This Is My Life” in 2017.
  • Norina Ibis: a Turkish author of fantasy and children’s literature.
  • Lasse Ibis: a Danish sculptor known for his abstract and figurative sculptures.
  • Marek Ibis: a Polish photographer and digital artist.
  • Claudia Ibis: a German basketball player who competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics.
  • Ole Ibis: a Danish artist and street muralist known for his use of colors.
  • Ditmar Ibis: a German actor and theater director.
  • Hilda Ibis: an American actress who appeared in several films in the 1940s and 50s.
  • Simon Ibis: an Australian composer and musician, best known for composing the score to the feature-length film ‘Red Hill’.

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