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Surname Ibrahimovic - Meaning and Origin

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Ibrahimovic: What does the surname Ibrahimovic mean?

The surname Ibrahimovic is derived from the Islamic name “Ibrahim,” meaning “father of a multitude” or “one who is blessed.” It is common among Bosnian, North African, and Arab Muslim populations, as well as those of Turkish and Jewish-Arabic ancestry.

The name was given by God to Abraham in the Hebrew Bible, thereby associating the name with an important ancient figure in Judaism, Christianity, and Islamic faith. It has become a popular surname in Europe and is also a widely used first name throughout the world.

The use of the surname to represent a family line, much like other surnames, has become more popular in recent years. As Islam continues to spread, and families move to and from various countries, the name Ibrahimovic is becoming more widely associated with different families and ethnicities.

The name can represent success, faith, and fulfillment for the people who carry it, as it is associated with the patriarch Abraham. It can symbolize hard work, social responsibility, and honor. As a family name, Ibrahimovic is meant to represent a long line of strong individuals who have had success not only within the family but in the wider community as well.

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Ibrahimovic: Where does the name Ibrahimovic come from?

The last name Ibrahimovic is common in many countries around the world today. It originated in northern Bosnia and is also found throughout the Balkan region. Due to the long history of migration out of the region, the name can be found in many places today. In Europe, the last name is especially common in Sweden, where it has been adopted by many immigrants from the Balkans in the last few decades. In the US, the name has become more prevalent in areas with large populations of Balkan immigrants, particularly cities such as Chicago and St. Louis.

In addition, it is also very common throughout the Middle East and North Africa, where the name originates. In areas such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Turkey and Syria, Ibrahimovic is often seen as a prestigious and ancient last name. Finally, the name is now spreading to other parts of the world, such as China, Australia and New Zealand, thanks to increased global migration patterns.

Therefore, today, the last name Ibrahimovic can be found in many countries across the globe in regions as diverse as Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and beyond.

Variations of the surname Ibrahimovic

The surname Ibrahimovic is one of many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. It is most commonly found among ethnic Albanians and people of Balkan descent, but it can also be found among many other nationalities and cultures.

Ibrahimovic is an Arabic name that is derived from the given name Ibrahim, which means "father of a multitude." This surname can be seen spelled in many different ways, including Ibrahimović/Ibrahimovich, Ibrahimovics, and Ibrahimovits.

Other variants of the name include Emirbai, Ibragimov, Émirbai, Ibrahimov, Ibragimova, Ibragimova, and Émirbai. These are typically seen among Central Asian countries and the Balkans.

In Swedish and Finnish, the name is typically spelled Ibrahimovic and Ibragimovic. In Croatian and Serbian, it is spelled Ibrahimović. In Albanian, it is often spelled Ibrahimaj.

The name may also be seen as spelled with other suffixes, such as

Ibrahimovics, Ibrahimovits, Eminovic, Eminović, Eminovik, Emirbai, Emirbaj, Ibrahimov, Ibragimova, and Ibragimova. These spellings can typically be seen among the Bosniak, Croat, Macedonian, Montenegrin, and Serb populations.

Despite the multiple spellings of this name, its origin is still the same - an Arabic name derived from Ibrahim. The surname is commonly found in many cultures, and many variants of it are often seen in Balkan countries.

Famous people with the name Ibrahimovic

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic: A professional Swedish footballer and current team captain of both A.C. Milan and the Swedish national team.
  • Petar Ibrahimovic: A Bosnian actor and director.
  • Safet Isovic-Ibrahimovic: A Bosnian folk singer and songwriter.
  • Mirko Ibrahimovic: A Croatian composer and engineer specializing in pop music.
  • Jasminka Ibrahimovic: A Croatian actress.
  • Nadina Ibrahimovic: A Dutch singer.
  • Julio Ibrahimovic: A Bosnian professional footballer.
  • Ermin Ibrahimovic: A Bosnian-Dutch manager and former professional footballer.
  • Senad Ibrahimovic: A Bosnian professional footballer.
  • Jusuf Ibrahimovic: A Dutch former footballer.

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