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Surname Idlott - Meaning and Origin

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Idlott: What does the surname Idlott mean?

The last name Idlott is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is derived from a place-name, either the towns of Idlewood in Warwickshire, or Idleston in Cheshire. The surname also belongs to the category of 'habitational surnames', which were used to denote a person who lived at or near a specific place. It is believed that the name was first used in the Middle Ages, when the people of Britain began to adopt hereditary surnames.

The actual origin of the name Idlott is uncertain, but there are several theories as to its probable origin. It may derive from the Old English word 'idle', meaning 'lazy'. It may also be derived from the name of an ancient tribe, the Idili, who lived in southern Britain in the 5th century AD. Similarly, the surname may be derived from the Old Norse word 'idill', which refers to 'prisoners of war or captives'.

The Idlott family played a prominent role in English history and many branches of the family can trace their roots to the Norman Conquest. During the 16th century, members of the family moved to various parts of Britain, including London, Devon, and the Midlands.

The surname Idlott is found most frequently in England, but it can also be found in other countries, such as the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. It is also a surname of British emigrants to the former British colonies in the West Indies.

Today, the Idlott surname can be found in various forms, including Idle, Idlott, Idellot, and Idlet. It is also a common variation in the spelling of other surnames, such as Edlott and Edlet. Despite its many changes throughout the ages, the Idlott last name remains an important part of British history and its people.

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Idlott: Where does the name Idlott come from?

The last name IDLOTT is mostly found in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Canada and Australia. It is traced back to origins in Devon, in the South West of England. IDLOTT is an occupational name, which originated from an old English term meaning "dish poundsman". This was someone who worked as a measurer of containers, such as barrels or casks.

The IDLOTT surname is associated with several areas in Devon. It is particularly common around the towns of Iddesleigh, High Bickington, East Daysleigh, Ashwater, Broadlane, Bradford, Beara, Yarnscombe, Brook, and Chilsworthy. It is also associated with stories of the Elizabethan Rebellion, in which Robert Luttrell of Iddesleigh led an alliance against the royal forces during the Monmouth Rebellion.

The IDLOTT surname can also be found in various locations in the UK such as Bedford, Wales, and Scotland. It can also be found in Ireland, where it typically originates from Northern Ireland.

IDLOTT is also commonly found in the United States, mainly due to 19th century immigration from the UK. There is a concentration of the name around Virginia, Maryland, and the Carolinas. The name can also be found as far west as California, in cities such as San Diego and San Francisco. It can also be found in Canada, in various provinces such as Ontario, Newfoundland, and Alberta, mainly due to past emigration from the UK during the 19th, and 20th centuries. Finally, the name is also found in Australia, a result of migration from the UK during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Variations of the surname Idlott

The surname Idlott is derived from the Old English given name "Idlac" which means "noble one". The name is found throughout England and is most common in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire of the East Midlands region. It is also found in small numbers in Northumberland, the Isle of Man, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and the Netherlands.

Variants of the surname Idlott include: Adlott, Addlott, Edelott, Idelot, Ideloty, Idelott, Idol, Idle, Idlett, Idleston, Idly, and Idliffe.

Spellings of the surname Idlott also vary depending on where it is found in the world. Alternate spellings found in England include: Idle, Idlett, and Idleston. Alternate spellings found in Scotland, Ireland, and Wales include: Idla, Idlah, Idlao, Idlau, Idler, Idlov, Idlus, Idlews, Idlwys, Idlwyx, and Idlwyz.

Surnames of the same origin as Idlott include, Adlott, Edelott, and Idol. These names may also be spelled differently based upon the geographical location.

In conclusion, the surname Idlott has a number of variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Knowing the multiple variations of Idlott can help to trace a family’s history or identify ancestors who may have changed their names throughout time.

Famous people with the name Idlott

  • Yvonne Idlott: Yvonne Idlott is a Canadian film and television producer, entertainment executive, and philanthropist who has had a very successful career in Canadian media. She founded her own film and television production company, Idlott Media.
  • Steve Idlott: Steve Idlott is an author, journalist, and radio presenter. He is well known for his book “The Canadian Completionist,” which traces the history of the Canadian media industry.
  • Paul Idlott: Paul Idlott is an English cricketer who represented the England Cricket Board in first-class matches during the early 2000s. He was a right-hand batsman and a right-arm medium-paced bowler.
  • John Idlott: John Idlott was an English architect who practiced in Birmingham and London in the early 20th century. He was part of the Arts and Crafts movement and designed a number of schools, churches, and private houses.
  • Brian Idlott: Brian Idlott is an Australian artist best known for his intricate and often bizarre sculptures. He has exhibited in Tasmanian galleries as well as overseas and has won several awards.
  • David Idlott: David Idlott is a former American football executive. He previously served as the President and CEO of the Philadelphia Eagles from 1992-1995.

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